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Regular Post meetings occur on the second Thursday of each month at 1900 at the Madison Center Center.

April 2014 Minutes (Draft)

The March meeting was held on 10 April 2014 at 1900 at the Madison Senior Citizen Center 1289 Hughes Road, Madison, Alabama.

  • Carlos Woods, Commander 
  • Nancy Burch, 1st Vice Commander 
  • William McGahey, 2nd Vice Commander 
  • Douglas Pruett, Adjutant 
  • Jim Haugen, Finance Officer 
  • Vic van Leeuwen, Sergeant-at-Arms 
  • Mario Ventura, Judge Advocate 
  • Jeremy B. Blevins, County Commander, Historian, Past Commander 
  • Carl Dow, Executive Committeeman, Past Commander 
  • Hollis Bridges, Past Commander 
  • Eugene Folks 
  • Jim Bowne 
  • Anthony Bush 
  • Scott Turbiner 
  • Phillip Evans 
  • Monica Dumont 
  • David Silvernail 
  • Lawrence Frakes 
  • Roy A. Mixon 
Call to Order
Approval of the Previous MinutesThe previous minutes having been previously distributed (here), County Commander Blevins motioned to dispense with the reading of the previous minutes and approve them as provided, which was seconded by Sgt-at-Arms van Leeuwen and approved by unanimous acclamation.

  • Adjutant's Report:
    Adjutant Pruett reported the Department of Alabama shows 112 paid-up members for the Post, but there are 10 additional members who have paid and are not reflecting in this count. 
  • Finance Report:
    Finance Officer Haugen reported the Post's finances. 
    • The uniform caps ordered last month were in. The caps are being sold by the Post for $45.00 ($44.95 through Emblem Sales). The Post will incur the shipping costs (saving the individual Legionnaire $8.95)for the order, but orders will only be made monthly. 
    • The poppies ordered for May arrived. We ordered 2500 at a cost of $10.00/100. 
    • A Motion to accept the finance report brought forth by Legionnaire Turbiner was seconded by Legionnaire Bush and approved by unanimous acclamation. 
  • District 12 Report:
    County Commander Blevins briefed the Post on the last District 12 meeting. Of note: 
    • 12th District Revitalization (May 15th - 17th) 
      • Natl. Vice Cmdr. Paul Dillard to visit 
      • D. 12 will donate $1/Legionnaire ($2037) to the NEF and present the check to NVC Dillard. 
      • Need volunteers for phone bank to call potential and lapsed members, and other tasks. 
    • District 12 Nominations: 
      • Dist. Comdr.: Pat Volonino (15) 
      • Dist. Vice Cmdr.: Jeremy Blevins (229) 
      • Sgt-at-Arms: Robert Douglas (351) 
      • DEC: Jim Carrol (818) 
      • Madison Co. Cmdr: Vacant (You?) 
      • Floor was opened to nominations, but there were none 
      • Nominations for District office are closed (Except Madison Co. Cmdr), elections will occur in June
    • District 12 Post Excellence Award 
      • All posts over 100% are eligible
      • Bring Post Consolidated Report to next Dist. Meeting, state case on why we should win 
      • There is no reason why we can't win this award for 2014 
    • 2 new Posts coming online in the District: 
      • Post ___, Locust Fork, Blount County 
      • Post 201, Huntsville (Research Park) 
    • Department Adjutant, Braxton Bridgers is retiring. A search committee will review resumes and essays (Why do you think you can do the job?) 
    • State Veteran Cemetery in Spanish Fort - open to all AL Vets and spouses. 
    • SAL (Sons of the American Legion) 
      • New Area Cmdr for SAL - Don Smith (15), responsible for Districts 11, 12, 13. 
      • Dual members can be in a different SAL Squadron from their Legion Post. 
  • NAVFOC Report:
    • Commander Woods reported on the recent NAVFOC meeting: 
      • North Alabama VA Clinic groundbreaking 17 April, 1100 
      • Veterans' Forum, Huntsville/ Madison County Public Library 17 April, 1245 
Unfinished Business
  • Memorial Weekend Activities
    • Flag Detail 
      • 24 May, 0900 at the main Madison Cemetery
      • Need to notify local media
    • Poppy Drive
      • Both doors of HWY 72 (Madison) Walmart on the 24th and 25th. 
      • Both doors of Madison Blvd Walmart on Sunday (25th) only.
      • Need 2 people at each door for 2 hour shifts (1000-1600)
    • Memorial Day Observation at Veterans Memorial Park
      • Setup @ 0800 Monday (26th)
      • Past Commander Dow will coordinate tent rental.
      • Legionnaire Kleinjung will coordinate setup of Optimist Club tent.
      • Need to notify local media
      • Need to invite local dignitaries (NB: Completed prior to typing up minutes - JBB)
  • Boys State
    Rick Marquith of Post 237 is Madison County Boys State Coordinator. County Commander Blevins will flow any requests from Post 229 to him.
New Business
  • Point of Order - March Chaplain Election
    The results of the March Chaplain election were invalidated because it was discovered that neither candidate was officially on the rolls for Post 229. To avoid this situation in the future, the Adjutant will validate that any member nominated is in good standing before the nomination is accepted.
  • Installation of Judge Advocate
    County Commander Blevins installed Mario Ventura as the new Judge Advocate, for the remainder of the 2014 fiscal year. JA Ventura is a retired judge, and Post 229 will benefit from his experience.
  • FY 2015 Officer Nominations
    Nominations were opened to the floor for all offices, and the following individuals were nominated (unless stated otherwise, the individuals listed were the only nominees):
    • Commander: Carlos Woods
    • 1st Vice Commander: Nancy Burch
    • 2nd Vice Commander: Bill McGahey
    • Adjutant: Doug Pruett
    • Finance Officer: Jim Haugen
    • Chaplain: County Commander Blevins motioned to postpone nominations for Chaplain until May meeting; seconded by Legionnaire Bush, and passed unanimously.
    • Judge Advocate: Mario Ventura
    • Sergeant-at-Arms: Anthony Bush
    • Historian: Jeremy Blevins
    • Executive Committee: Monica Dumont
For the Good of the Legion
Nothing was brought before the Post


April 2014 Meeting Notice

Post 229 will meet on 10 April at 1900 at the Madison Senior Center on Hughes Road.

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Proposed meeting Agenda will be published prior to the meeting

Call to Order

Approval of Previous Minutes 
(Click here to view previous minutes)

  • Adjutant
  • Finance
  • District 12 Meeting
  • NAVFOC Meeting
  • Ground Breaking VA Clinic 17 April 2014
Unfinished Business
  • Memorial Week Events
    • Flag Detail 24th May 0900 AM
    • Poppies Day
      • Walmart Hwy 72 (24th-25th May 2014, Time 10 AM to 4 PM)
      • Walmart Hwy 20 (25th May 2014, Time 10 AM to 4 PM) 1 DAY
    • Memorial Day Ceremony, Madison Veteran Park
      • May 2014, Time : 1100 AM
      • Speaker: Col Taylor, James Clemens JROTC
      • 26 Color Guard: James Clemens JROTC
      • Setup Site Time: TBA
  • Fund Raisers 
    • Breakfast (August?) 
    • Schwan Ice Cream
    • Madison Street Festival 
  • Boys State
New Business
  • Installation of Chaplain
  • Nomination of Officers 2015

For the Good of The Legion

March 2014 Meeting Minutes (Draft)

The March meeting was held on 13 March 2014 at 1900 at the Madison Senior Citizen Center 1289 Hughes Road, Madison, Alabama.

Attendees (Attendee list unavailable at this time)

Call to Order

Approval of the Previous Minutes
The previous minutes having been previously distributed (here), 2nd Vice  McGahey motioned to dispense with the reading of the previous minutes and approve them as provided, which was seconded by Past Commander Dow and approved by unanimous acclamation.

  • Adjutant's Report:
    Adjutant Pruett reported six renewals and two transfers since last report. Two new members (Anthony Bush, Michael Range) were completing applications andy paying their dues. Past Commander Blevins motioned to accept the report, which was seconded by 2nd Vice McGahey, and approved by unanimous acclamation.
  • Finance Report:
    Finance Officer Haugen reported the Post's finances. A thank you card from the Madison Senior Center was read. A Motion to accept the finance report brought forth by 2nd Vice McGahey was seconded by Adjutant Pruett and approved by unanimous acclamation.
  • Memorial Day Committee Report:
    Commander Woods discussed the events to occur the weekend of Memorial Day. They included:
    • Memorial Day Observation (26 May) 
      • Speaker LTC (Ret) Courtney Taylor, James Clemens JROTC Senior Army Instructor, and fellow Legionnaire
      • Honor Guard - James Clemens JROTC
    • Placement of flags on veterans' graves (24 May @ 1000)
    • Poppy Drive (NB: We DO NOT sell poppies, we hand them out, but do not solicit donations. We gladly accept donations, however.)
    • We still need to notify the media and invite local dignitaries.=
  • National Security Committee:
    Commander Woods, Finance Officer Haugen and County Commander Blevins presented JROTC awards at Sparkman HS.
  • Oratorical Report:
    County Commander Blevins reported on the Department Oratorical Contest. Madison County winner Matthew McDavid placed third in the state. Congratulations! (Photos here)
Unfinished Business
  • Damage to monument at Veterans Memorial Park:
    Determination still needs to be made if the monument can be repaired. On a good note, the coloring of the lettering on the monument that is running can be cleaned with minimal effort.
  • Nomination and Election of Post Chaplain:
    • Nominated: Phillip Evans and Rickey Spears
    • County Commander Blevins motioned to close nominations, seconded by 2nd Vice McGahey, and approved by unanimous acclamation.
    • Results: 10 votes for Evans, 8 votes for Spears.
    • Motion to establish the office of Associate Chaplain, seconded and approved by unanimous acclamation.
    • Nominated: Rickey Spears, no other nominations from floor.
    • Motion for Adjutant Pruett to cast one vote for the Post for the election of Spears as Associate Chaplain, seconded and approved by unanimous acclamation.
  • Membership Drive:
    Commander Woods has set a goal of five new members per current Legionnaire. Any member who meets this is eligible to receive the National Commander's pin. A Motion was brought forward by Legionnaire Tepper to establish a "Top Recruiter" award, which was seconded by 2nd Vice  McGahey. After discussion, this motion was tabled until the May meeting so that additional thought could go into the establishment of the award (e.g. Does the recruiting period coincide with the fiscal or calendar year?).
New Business
  • Motion by 2nd Vice  McGahey to rename the "Memorial Day Committee" to "Americanism Committee" and task it with the duties outlined in Article VI § 2 of the Post By Laws. Motion was seconded by County Commander Blevins and approved by unanimous acclamation.
  • Boys State:
    A motion was made to table discussion of Boys State until the next meeting. Seconded and approved by unanimous acclamation.
  • Nomination and Election of Post Judge Advocate:
    The floor was opened to nominations for a Judge Advocate. Mario Ventura, a retired judge and Korean veteran, was nominated. No other nominations were made, and motion was made, seconded, and approved by unanimous acclamation for the Adjutant to cast a single vote for the election of Mario Ventura as Judge Advocate.
  • Discussion of Potential Fund Raisers:
    • Applebee's Pancake Breakfast:
      We would need at least 20 volunteers to support this activity, and we would have to sell tickets. Cost to the Post would be $200.00, and with a ticket cost of $5/ticket, we would have to sell 40 tickets to reach our break-even point. This has the potential to be a good fund raiser if we get out and sell tickets.
    • Being a food vendor at the Madison Street Festival:
      This year we plan to partner with the Homemakers and Optimist clubs to set up a "food court" in the Veterans Memorial Park during the street festival.
    • Golf Tournament:
      County Commander Blevins was attempting to contact a local golf course to find out about having a golf tournament.
    • Other possibilities:
      Legionnaire Range mentioned Schwann's Ice Cream and will present more information at the April meeting.
  • NAVFOC Meeting:
    Post 229 will be hosting the North Alabama Veterans and Fraternal Order Coalition meeting on 7 May (1730-1900). We will provide refreshments.
  • Veterans Of North Alabama Services Assistance Program
    Jane Dow briefed the Post on the status of her non-profit organization. It has received its 501(c)(3) approval letter from the IRS. Jane had also been involved with Operation Christmas Bear and reported that it finished out $250.00 under budget. A motion was made by 2nd Vice  McGahey, and seconded by Past Commander Bridges, to donate the $250 surplus dollars from Operation Christmas Bear to Veterans Of North Alabama Services Assistance Program. The motion was approved by unanimous acclamation.
For the Good of the Legion
  • Adjutant Pruett awarded the red Department of Alabama Recruiter Pin to Legionnaires who had recruited one new member.
  • Past Commander Bridges informed the Post of the progress of the proposed new VA Outpatient Clinic (More information here). Per the flyer distributed by Past Commander Bridges:
    A permit has been approved for the United States Department of Veteran Affairs to build a new VA regional clinic in Huntsville.
    The permit for the $14.7-million project was approved Feb. 7. it will be built at 500 Markaview Road NW, across the road from Butler High School ad the Cancer Center.
    Building permits were approved by the City several weeks ago.
    The complex will house a 47,800 square-foot facility. It will have a 393-space parking lot and provide mental health, radiology, pharmacy, private care, ad specialty care facilities. This contractor built and owned by a private contractor will be leased by the VA for 20 years or more.
    More than 50,000 veterans in North Alabama may use this facility instead of driving to Birmingham or Tuscaloosa for primary or specialty care...
    Official ground breaking has been planned for April 17. They expect the clinic to be open  in Fall 2015.
    Access from Athens, Decatur and Madison can be made by Hwy 72E or I-565E onto Jordan Lane then to Homes Ave. E. Markaview Road is on the right.
    From Downtown Huntsville: Exit Governors Drive onto 14th St. N then turn onto CCI Blvd.

    Those interested in attending should RSVP jeffrey.hester@va.gov.
  • John Silvernail was presented a framed copy of the Resolution from the December 2013 meeting in recognition for his Eagle Project. John provided the Post with the working artifacts so that the Post Graves and Registration Committee can continue this good work going forward.
  • Post 229 proudly welcomes the following new members:
    • Mike Range
    • Damon Templet
    • Anthony Bush
    • Larry Cunningham
    • Jim Carter
    • Moncia Dumont

Notice of Veterans Forum

Congressman Mo Brooks has announced that he will be hosting a Veterans Forum on 17 April from 1300-1430 at the Huntsville Madison County Public Library.