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Regular Post meetings occur on the second Thursday of each month at 1900 at the Madison Center Center.

January 2015 Minutes

The meeting was held on 8 January 2015 1900 in the Madison Senior Center.  Legionnaires present were Commander Carlos Woods, Second-Vice Commander Bill McGahey, Finance Officer Allison McGrath, Adjutant Douglas Pruett, Legionnaires Oscar Draper Sr., Claudette Grant, Clark Hylton, Rick Kelly, Leondra Kelly, Quenessa Pollard, Jerry Tepper, Shelton Torbert, and Yvette Torbert.

Call to Order                                                                                                                             
Commander Woods called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm and opening prayer was offered by Oscar Draper Sr.  Commander Woods asked for a moment of silence in memory of Mrs. Judy McGahey (the wife of Second Vice Commander McGahey) and the mother of First Vice Commander Dumont, who both recently passed away.

Approval of Previous Minutes
Second vice Commander McGahey made the motion to accept the December 2014 meeting minutes as posted on the post web site.  There were no objections, so the minutes were deemed approved by commander Woods. 
Corrections to the December minutes are to correct spelling of Legionnaire Reid’s last name, ask members with financial questions to contact5 Commander Woods instead of the Finance Officer, and to change Commander Woods’ recruiting request from five new members to two new members per legionnaire.

  • Adjutant-                                                                                                          
Adjutant Pruett reported that Post 229 is currently showing at 119.2% renewal, and is still the leading post in district 12.  Post 229 currently has 214 members on the roster, with 36 that have not renewed for the current year.  The 36 not renewed includes seven members that have not renewed since 2013, and are showing as expired on the National roster.  There were two additional Paid Up for Life members since the last Adjutant report, bringing the PUFL members to twelve.   Second Vice commander McGahey made the motion to accept the report, was seconded by Legionnaire Draper, and passed by all members present.
  • Finance -                                                                                                                                   
Finance Officer McGrath reported the balance of the Memorial Fund and Operational funds accounts.  Account balances are not posted on the web site, but post members with questions or concerns can contact Commander Woods directly at Commander@AmericanLegionPost229.org.
  • District Report-
    No report made.                                                                                                                                
  • County Report-                                                                                                                               
Commander Woods reported that he was advised by County Commander Bush that Madison county post will be working together to sponsor a county wide American Legion Riders Chapter.  Interested members are encouraged to meet on 13 January 2015 at Post 237 on Drake Ave Huntsville, AL to begin planning the chapter.  The meeting will start at 6:00 pm, and dismiss by 8:00 pm.

  • NAVOC Report-                                                                                                                                
No Report made.

  • Committee Reports-                                                                                                      
Americanism:                                                                                                                               Commander Woods was the only committee member present, and he explained the absence of the other committee members.  No report was made.

  •  Membership Drive:                                                                                                                     
First Vice Commander was out of town and no report was made.

Unfinished Business
  • Pick Up Wreaths                                                                                                                            
Commander Woods stated that members and volunteers will meet at 10:00 am on Saturday 10 January 2015 to pick up the wreaths from the cemeteries.  The meeting place will remain at the Mill Rd North cemetery behind Madison city Hall.  Members with trucks are asked to meet at the storage shed at 9:30 to get the boxes to repack the wreaths.

  • Memorial Park-                                                                                                                     
Commander Woods praised Legionnaire Kleinjung his work for decorating the park for Christmas.  Legionnaire Kleinjung had placed all decorations, to including digging trenches to run additional power lines.  Commander Woods also stated that the City of Madison maintenance crews keep the grass mowed and hedges trimmed as needed. The park needs general sprucing up, and flags replaced.  Commander Woods is planning a work day for spring, and will announce the date when scheduled.
  • Fund Raiser-                                                                                                                           
Finance Officer McGrath reported that the desired date for the post to host a car show fundraiser is 2 May 2015.  The suggested entry fee is $25.00 per vehicle, and suggested vendor fee is $35.00.  Finance Officer McGrath is working to find a good location that the property owner will allow the post to use for the event.  The question of event insurance was raised, and Adjutant Pruett will research the requirement for insurance and cost of required event insurance.
  • Oratorical Contest-   
The Post 229 oratorical contest will be held on 7 February 2015 at the Madison Municipal Court.  The judges will be Mayor Trulock, Mrs. Trulock, and Dr. Hobbs.  Some members have volunteered, but additional volunteers are still needed.  The Madison County Oratorical contest will be held on 14 February at Calhoun Community College, and is being planned by District First Vice Commander Jeremy Blevins.             
  • JROTC Donations-                                                                                                 
Commander Woods reported that the donation has been made to James Clemens High School JROTC, and that he is working with the JROTC Commanders at Bob Jones and Sparkman High Schools to schedule the presentation of donations to those JROTC programs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
New Business
  • Official Legion Policy-                                                                                                                   
Commander Woods spoke on the official American Legion policy for political and religious issues.  The American Legion Charter and By-Laws identify the American Legion as a non-partisan and non-religious veteran organization.  The Legion takes no stand on issues of religion and does not support any political party of candidate.  Any political discussion must remain limited to veteran or military issues, and must be about the issue instead of any political party, candidate, or elected officials.  Adjutant Pruett advised that this is not the decision of any Post 229 officers, but is required by the American Legion charter and by-Laws.  Failure to follow these by-laws can result in loss of our nonprofit status, and actions from the National American Legion Headquarters.                          
  • Open to the Floor-                                                                                                 
Legionnaire Tepper asked about involvement in Homeland Security issues, and suggested hosting local events such as gun safety and legal instruction. Commander Woods advised that he will refer that suggestion to the Americanism Committee, but voice concerns about possible liability and legal issues. Commander Woods asked for reimbursement of personal funds used for cemetery wreaths and the large wreath that was placed at the Veterans Memorial Park.  Motion to reimburse Commander Woods was made by Adjutant Pruett, seconded by Second Vice Commander McGahey, and passed by all present.Second Vice Commander McGahey read thank you cards from James Clemens High School JROTC and the Madison Senior Center for the donations that Post 229 presented to both organizations.                                                                        
Second Vice Commander McGahey made the motion to adjourn.  The motion was seconded by Adjutant Pruett, and passed by all members present.  The meeting was adjourned by Commander Woods at 8:10 pm.
For the Good of the Legion

December 2014 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held on 11 December 2014 1900 at the Madison Senior Center.  Legionnaires present were Commander Carlos Woods, First-Vice Commander Monica Dumont, Second-Vice Commander Bill McGahey, Finance Officer Allison McGrath, Chaplain Rickey Spears, Edward Dirch, Leondra Kelley, Samuel McCray, Jim Haughen, Tom McKinney, Oscar Draper Sr., David Silvernail, Mike Marcel, Edward Durst, and Andrew Reed.

Guest was District 12 First-Vice Commander Jeremy Blevins.

Call to Order

Commander Woods called the meeting to order at 1900 Hrs.

Approval of Previous Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting were accepted my members present.


Adjutant Pruett was not present, and no Adjutant Report was made.

Finance -                                                                                                                                  
Finance Officer McGrath reported that three checks had been presented to JROTC at Bob Jones, James Clemons, and Sparkman High Schools.  Finance Officer Haugen reported the balances of the Post Operational account and the Memorial Fund.  The account balances will not be included in the minutes but any member can contact the Finance Officer directly to discuss post finances.

District Report-
Vice Commander Blevins reminded all present that the oratorical contest is approaching in February, and that additional information is available at the Boys State website.

County Report- No Report

NAVOC Report- No Report
Committee Reports-
Americanism: Tom McKinney was selected as Committee Chair, with Phillip Evans and Carlos woods serving as Committee Members.
Membership Drive: Commander Woods asked that every Legionnaire attempt to recruit five new members. First –vice commander Dumont will send recruiting lessons learned and tips to the membership via email.

Unfinished Business

Veterans Weekend Events-                                                                                                    
Commander Woods reported that the wreath placement wend very well, and thanked all for their work.  Commander Woods also reminded all present that the post will be retrieving the wreaths on 10 January 2015. We will meet at 10:00 am in the paved parking lot at the Hughes Road cemetery.  Members with trucks will meet at the storage building at 9:30 to get the empty boxes.

Memorial Park-                                                                                                                        
Kevin Kleinjung reported that the lights are up at the park, but the site does need some work. Legionnaire Kleinjung asked for $50 to cover repair materials.  Second Vice Commander McGahey made the motion to approve the funds; it was seconded by Legionnaire Reese, and passed by all present.

Fund Raiser-                                                                                                                          
Finance Officer McGrath reported that she has begun preliminary work of contacting possible vendors for a car show, and is looking for a good large location.  The suggested entry fee is $30.00 per vehicle, to be prepaid and preregistered. Dealers are to provide prizes.  Classes of vehicles, numbers of entrants, and number of judges still need to be determined.  Second Vice Commander McGahey made the motion to approve the car show fund raiser for the spring of 2015.  The motion was seconded by Legionnaire Kleinjung, and passed.  Finance Officer McGrath will chair the committee, with Fist vice Commander Dumont and Legionnaire Marcel as members.

Oratorical Contest-   The oratorical contest will be held on 7 February 2015 and is open to students in grade 9-12.  There will be a prepared speech for 8-10 minutes and an impromptu speech on 1 of 4 possible subjects lasting 3-5 minutes.  We need volunteers for 2 time keepers, 2 counters, and 2 escorts.  Cash prizes will be awarded as First Place $200, Second Place $100, and Third Place $50.  Chairperson is not yet determined but Second Vice commander and legionnaire Haughen will serve as committee members.  Commander Woods made the motion to approve the discussed plans.  The motion was seconded by Legionnaire Kleinjung and passed by vote.

New Business

Madison Christmas Parade-                                                                                                      
Post 229 missed the registration deadline and will not be participating in the parade.
Mid-Winter conference-                                                                                                  
Department of Alabama Mid-Winter conference will be 16-18 January 2015 in Orange Beech, AL.  Lodging rate is $99 per room per night.
Ladies Auxiliary-                                                                                                                        
Need wives to volunteer to lead establishing a chapter of American Legion Ladies Auxiliary, and they may need additional volunteer assistance.
New Legionnaire Edward Dirch was welcomed to Post 229.

The meeting was adjourned by Commander Woods.

For the Good of the Legion

Agenda for 8 January 2015

Call to Order

Approval of Previous Minutes 

  • Adjutant
  • Finance
  • State of the District/County Report
  • Committees Reports:
    • Americanism  Committee
    • Membership Drive (1st Vice- Script)
Unfinished Business
    • Pickup Wreaths – 10 Jan 15, Time 10:00 AM
    • Memorial Park
    • Fund Raiser – Finance Officer
    • Oratorical Contest Madison -7 Feb 14/County 17 Feb 2015
    • JROTC Donations
New Business
  • Legion Policy
  • Open to the Floor

For the Good of the Legion

WAFF - Eagle Scout endeavors to have veterans' graves marked, honored

WAFF-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Huntsville, AL

January 2015 Meeting Notice

Post 229 will meet on 8 January at 1900 at the Madison Senior Center on Hughes Road.