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April 2012 Meeting Minutes (Draft)


American Legion Post 229, 12 Apr 2012

  1. 1. The meeting was called to order by Adjutant Vic van Leeuwen at 1900 hrs. The Pledge of Allegiance and invocation were done.
  2. Old business:
    1. Kevin Kleinjung and Hollis Bridges remain on the sick list. Members were encouraged to remember them in their thoughts and prayers.
    2. The flag comic books have been reviewed by Nancy Burch and Vic van Leeuwen. It appears that they have limited value as teaching aids for flag history and no value for etiquette. Their disposition will be reviewed.
    3. There is a link from the Post 229 website set up by Jeremy Blevins to the state website. Members are encouraged to check these websites.
  3. New business:
    1. It is time for nominations for post officers for FY-2013. Members present were polled to serve on the nominating committee. There being no volunteers, the effort was shelved for the time being with the note that some my be called and asked to serve.
    2. Memorial Day Poppy set-up was discussed. Several members present volunteered to man stations.
  4. Post officer’s Reports: Membership should be at 100 percent.
  5. Motion to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,

Victor L. van Leeuwen
American Legion Post 229