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Legion College under way Oct. 28

Legion College under way Oct. 28:

From Oct. 28 - Nov. 2, 55 Legionnaires representing 35 departments will convene at The American Legion National Headquarters in Indianapolis for the annual Legion National College.

Legion College is an opportunity for new Legionnaires to learn about the organization’s Four Pillars, its overall mission and the many leadership opportunities available at the post, district and department level. It, too, is a chance for longtime Legionnaires to refresh their Legion knowledge and share best practices.

Throughout the six-day program, attendees will hear from national staff within American Legion divisions, such as Americanism, Legislative, Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation and Internal Affairs & Membership. Included in the curriculum are instructions on how to write a resolution, develop communication strategies to promote Legion programs and small group sessions that will challenge students to think creatively about Legion issues, such as post revitalization efforts, membership drives and more.

Learn more about Legion College and its history by visiting www.legion.org/college.

The following is a list of the 55 Legion College students:
Alabama: Jeremy B. Blevins
Arizona: Dr. Roland J. L’Heureux, Keith A. Brown
California: Harry M. Woods, Dennis E. Radcliffe
Colorado: Terri L. Shelefontiuk, Thomas Florez
Connecticut: Allen G. Iott, Thomas P. Wood
Florida: Micheal J. Seidel, Terrence S. Briggs
Georgia: Deborah S. Kessler
Illinois: Michelle M. Aaron, Michael D. Vance, Erik J. Gerischer
Indiana: Gail A. Galich, Bridget A. Robinson, Buzz T. Smith, Charles W. Graybiel
Iowa: Alvin C. Miller, James H. Peterson
Kansas: Clark E. Conaway
Kentucky: Toni N. Cory, James A. Lish
Louisiana: James A. Jackson
Maine: Russell E. Wrede
Michigan: James E. Wallace, Mark A. Sutton
Missouri: Gayle L. Langan
Montana: George Blackard
Nebraska: Jennifer L. Salak, David W. Salak
Nevada: Yvette L. Weigold
New Hampshire: Daniel S. Yoder, Lisa Buck-Rogers
New Jersey: Joseph S. Imperato
New Mexico: Dwayne S. Fleming, Donald R. Harrison
New York: Stanley B. Grela, Jerome L. Rice
North Carolina: Norman L. Mullinax
North Dakota: David A. Johnson
Oregon: Keegan D. Hodges, Phyllis P. York
Puerto Rico: Angel O. Narvaez
Rhode Island: Michael W. Reed
South Dakota: John E. Harper
Tennessee: Leroy L. McCaul Jr.
Texas: Kimberly A. Biggerstaff
Virginia: David M. Stein
Washington: James R. Lohr II, Gail F. Porter
West Virginia: Brian Tolstyka
Wisconsin: Mary C. Lloyd, Daniel J. Seehafer