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March 2013 Meeting Minutes

Adjutant's Report
No formal report this month. We have had a few more re-ups and several new members join.

Finance Report
No formal report this month.

Committee Reports
No reports

Unfinished Business
  • The Amendments mentioned in the March meeting agenda were discussed and passed, some with secondary amendments, with the exception of Article III, Section 2, wich was tabled for further discussion. The amendments passed read as follows:
    • Article I appended to include:
      • Section 3. Membership. Eligibility for membership in Madison American Legion Post 229 shall be consistent with the requirements published on The American Legion website:http://www.legion.org/join
      • Section 4. Dues. Member dues are 35 dollars per annum and include the benefits outlined on The American Legion website: http://www.legion.org/join. Dues are payable directly to the Post Finance Officer or on The American Legion website:http://www.legion.org/renew.
    • Article II struck and replaced with Article II - Management
      • Section 1. The government and management of the Post is entrusted to an Executive Committee of 9 members, to be known as the “Executive Committee.” 
      • Section 2. The Executive Committee shall consist of 9 to include the officers of the Post that shall be elected annually at the May meeting and take office at the following meeting. All elections of officers and executive committeemen shall be by vote of the members present and the candidate or candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected to the respective office or offices for which they are candidates. 
      • Section 3. All vacancies existing in the Executive Committee, or in any office of the Post from any cause other than the expiration of the term, shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining members of the committee, and a person so appointed shall hold office for the unexpired term of the member of the committee or officer who succeeded. A vacancy shall exist when a member or officer is absent from the Post for a continuous period considered detrimental to the interest of the Post by the Executive Committee.
    • Article III struck and replaced with Article III - Post Executive Committee
      • Section 1. The Post Executive Committee shall meet for organization and such other business as may come before it at the call of the Post commander within 10 days after the installation of the new officers. Thereafter the Post Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the commander at least every month and as often as said commander may deem necessary. The commander shall call a meeting of the Post Executive Committee upon the joint written request of three or more members of said Post Executive Committee, five (5) members of the committee shall constitute a quorum thereof.
    • Article IV struck and replaced with Article IV - Duties of Officers
      • Section 1. Duties of Post Commander. It shall be the duty of the Post commander to preside at all meetings of the Post and to have general supervision over the business and affairs of the Post, and such officer shall be the chief executive officer of the Post. The commander shall perform such other duties as directed by the Post. 
      • Section 2. Duties of Vice-Commander. The vice-commander shall assume and discharge the duties of the office of commander in the absence or disability of, or when called upon by the Post commander. 
      • Section 3. Duties of Post Adjutant. The adjutant shall have charge of and keep a full and correct record of all proceedings of all meetings, keep such records as the Department and National Organizations may require, render reports of membership annually or when called upon at a meeting, and under direction of the commander handle all correspondence of the Post. 
      • Section 4. Duties of the Finance Officer/Treasurer. The finance officer/treasurer of the Post shall have charge of all finances and see that they are safely deposited in some local bank or banks and shall report at the monthly meeting the condition of the finances of the Post, with such recommendations as may deem expedient or necessary for raising funds with which to carry on the activities of the Post. The finance officer/treasurer shall sign all checks disbursing the monies of the Post, and shall furnish such surety bonds in such sum as shall be fixed by the Post Executive Committee. 
      • Section 5. Duties of Post Historian. The Post historian shall be charged with the individual records and incidents of the Post and Post members, and shall perform such other duties as may properly pertain to the office as may be determined by the Post or the Executive Committee. 
      • Section 6. Duties of Post Chaplain. The Post chaplain shall be charged with the spiritual welfare of the Post comrades and will offer divine but nonsectarian service in the event of dedications, funerals, public functions, etc., adhere to such ceremonial rituals as are recommended by the National or Department headquarters from time to time. 
      • Section 7. Duties of Sergeant-at-Arms. The sergeant-at-arms shall preserve order at meetings and shall perform such other duties as may be from time to time assigned by the Post Executive Committee.
    • Struck and replaced Article V with Article V - Delegates 
      • Section 1. Delegates and alternates to a Department convention shall be elected by ballot by the Post at a regular meeting of the Post to be held at least 20 days prior to the date of such convention.
    • Added Article VI - Appointments 
      • Section 1. The Post commander, immediately upon taking office each year, may appoint the following standing committees: Americanism, Ceremonials, Children and Youth, Economic, Finance, Foreign Relations, Graves Registration and Memorial, House and Entertainment, Legislative, Membership, Public Relations, Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation, National Security, Sons of The American Legion and Visiting or VAVS. Such standing committees shall consist of such members, and the chair thereof, as shall be designated by the Post commander. 
      • Section 2. Americanism Committee. The Americanism Committee shall be charged with the inspiration of patriotism and good citizenship by arrangements for proper observance of patriotic occasions; encouragement of patriotic and civic phases of instruction in schools; Americanization of aliens; combating anti-American propaganda by education of the general public in American ideals through public forums, etc., and activities for community and civic betterment. 
      • Section 3. Ceremonials Committee. The principal duty of the Ceremonials Committee is to insure all new members are properly initiated. The committee also concerns itself with proper presentation of other rituals outlined in the Manual of Ceremonies—burial detail and the wearing of Legion regalia. 
      • Section 4. Children and Youth Committee. Shall be charged with aid and service to children of veterans, cooperating with other established agencies in the community; laboring for the betterment of child conditions and in coordinating services and agencies in the community for the above purposes. To act as intermediary for the needy child of a veteran in obtaining the fulfillment of the Legion’s pledge that “no child of a war veteran shall be in need of the necessities of life” and “a square deal for every child.” 
      • Section 5. Economic Committee. The Post Economic Committee is primarily concerned with local employment programs, Veterans’ preference, government employment and re-employment rights. 
      • Section 6. Finance Committee. The Finance Committee shall be charged with the administration of the financial policy, preparation of budget recommendations and supervision of receiving, disbursing and accounting of all Post funds. The Post will maintain two separate accounts:
        • Memorial Fund. This fund is maintained solely to build and maintain the Madison Veteran’s Memorial Park in downtown Madison. Funds in this account may also be used for any other bonafide memorial cause as determined by the membership by vote. Generally, money earned by the sale of Trail of Tears T-shirts and by donations from the Memorial Day offering of poppies will be designated for this fund. 
        • Operating Fund. This fund is maintained for the Post’s operating expenses. Generally, money from donations from the Veteran’s Day offering of poppies, as well as any other fund-raising efforts will be designated for this fund.
      • Section 7. Foreign Relations. This committee has become active as America has recognized its responsibility as a world leader. Maintaining and securing world peace and friendship abroad through community endeavors have become as essential as any aspect of treaty law. 
      • Section 8. Graves Registration and Memorial Committee.The duties of this committee involve recording of grave sites and complete information on veterans’ burial in cemeteries assigned to the Post. Special assistance can be given the service officer in providing flags, headstones or proper interment in national cemeteries. 
      • Section 9. House and Entertainment Committee. The House and Entertainment quarters promotion of club advantages and arrangement for social activities. 
      • Section 10. Legislative Committee. The Legislative Committee needs to have a knowledge of what is going on in Congress—what we favor or oppose, and should be ready to initiate action in support of our position when requested by the national or Department organization. 
      • Section 11. Membership Committee. The Membership Committee shall have charge of all matters pertaining to the membership of the Post, including the procuring of new members, reinstatements and eligibility of members. 
      • Section 12. Public Relations Committee. The Public Relations Committee shall be charged with the promotion of public support of the Legion’s programs by the establishment of proper contact with The American Legion Magazine, Department and national Legion news service and by local publicity of Post programs and activities. 
      • Section 13. Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Committee.The Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation committee shall supervise all matters pertaining to service to comrades in the prosecution of all just claims against the United States or state government, employment, relief, etc. 
      • Section 14. Security Committee. The Security Committee shall work with and coordinate Legion efforts with the local Civil Defense Council on matters pertaining to national, civilian and home defenses. It shall assist the armed forces of the United States in recruiting efforts and in every way be active in community activities for the defense of the nation and the security of the American home. 
      • Section 15. Sons of The American Legion Committee. This committee shall have supervision over the operations of the Post’s squadron of the Sons of The American Legion. 
      • Section 16. Visiting or VAVS Committee. This committee is charged with visiting and comforting members and their families when sick or bereaved, and with visiting ex-service personnel in hospitals.
    • Added Article VII - Resolutions 
      • Section 1. All resolutions of state or national scope presented to this Post by a member or reported to this Post by a committee shall merely embody the opinion of this Post on the subject and copy of same shall be forwarded to the Department headquarters for its approval before any publicity is given or action other than mere passage by the Post is taken. 
    • Added Article VIII - Meetings 
      • Section 1. The regular meeting of the Post shall be held at the Madison Senior Center, unless otherwise designated by the Post Commander, at which may be transacted such business as may properly be brought up for action; such meetings may be converted into entertainment meetings, as may be deemed advisable by the officers of the Post. 
      • Section 2. The Post commander or a majority of the Executive Committee shall have power to call a special meeting of the Post at any time. 
      • Section 3. Upon the request of five (5) members, the committee shall call a special meeting of the Post. 
      • Section 4. Seven (7) members present shall constitute a quorum. 
    • Added Article IX - Notices 
      • Section 1. Every member shall furnish the Post adjutant with an address for mailing. 
      • Section 2. The Post adjutant shall cause notice of the annual election to be given at least two weeks prior thereto. 
    • Added Article X - Rules of Order 
      • Section 1. All proceedings of this Post shall be conducted under and pursuant to Roberts’ Rules of Order, except as herein otherwise provided. 
    • Added Article XI—Limitations of Liabilities 
      • Section 1. The Post shall incur, or cause to be incurred, no liability nor obligation whatever which shall subject to liability any other Post, subdivision, members of The American Legion, or other individuals, corporations or organizations. 
    • Added Article XII - Amendments 
      • Section 1. These By-Laws may be amended at any regular Post meeting by a vote of two-thirds of the members of said Post attending such regular meeting; Provided that the proposed amendment shall have been submitted in writing or electronically, and read at the next preceding regular meeting of said Post; and, provided, further, that written notice shall have been given to all members at least thirty (30) days in advance of the date when such amendment is to be voted upon, notifying said members that at such meeting a proposal to amend the By-Laws is to be voted upon. 
New Business and Correspondence
  • Memorial Day Poppies - We discussed our plan for handing out poppies for Memorial Day. The Executive Committee will meet in the next few weeks to plan. 
  • Memorial Day Events - This year we will be placing flags on veterans' graves for Memorial Day. This will be done on Friday 24 May. We will be conducting a Memorial Day ceremony at the Veterans Memorial Park on 27 May. Our speaker is TBD. We'll need volunteers for both activities. 
  • Run for the Wall - Information was disseminated regarding the upcoming Run for the Wall event, which will leave from California on 15 May and arrive in Washington, DC, on 25 May. The website for the ride is http://www.rftw.org/. Brian Boardman will be participating in part of the ride and is holding a planning meeting 28 March at the Lone Star Steakhouse in front of Madison Square Mall. You can email Brian at bmboard@hotmail.com for more information. 
  • JROTC Awards - Vic van Leeuwen presented the American Legion Scholastic Excellence Medal to CADET LTC Caleb Eldridge and the Military Excellence Medal to CADET CSM Joshua Beck. Post 229 will also be presenting these medals to cadets at bob Jones JROTC and James Clemens JROTC at their awards ceremonies.
  • Financial Support of Bob Jones JROTC - Traditionally, we have supported Bob Jones JROTC with an annual $500.00 donation to their program when they were the only JROTC program in town. Now we have two JROTC programs within the Madison City School System. Earlier in the fiscal year, we supported James Clemens JROTC by purchasing them a set of flags. There has been informal discussion amongst the EC as to whether we can continue to support both schools at $500.00 each or if we would have to split that amount. In the regular meeting, the following motion was brought to the floor: "A Motion to donate to Bob Jones JROTC $500.00 from the Post memorial fund with the contingency that the amount be evaluated each year.". The motion was seconded and debated, and the motion carried. Arrangements will be made to present a check to the BJ JROTC program soon. 
  • Legion Riders - There has been discussion in the last few months with regards to establishing a Legion Riders Chapter operating under Post 229. After additional research, it was determined that Post 237 already has a Riders Chapter, and Legionnaires interested in being Riders are encouraged to contact Post 237. http://www.legionpost237.org/AmericanLegionRiders.html
  • Post Checking Accounts - Historically, Post 229 has maintained two checking accounts and a money market account. The second checking account was an artifact from when the Post was building the Veteran's Memorial Park. A motion was brought to the floor to close the second checking account. The motion was seconded and debated, and the motion carried. The Finance Officer will make arrangements to close the account out and move its funds to the primary checking account. 
The Good of the American Legion
Nothing to report.