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Regular Post meetings occur on the second Thursday of each month in Madison, AL. Please contact us for details

August 2013 Meeting Minutes (Draft)

The August meeting was held at 1900 on 08 August at the Madison Senior Center. The minutes of the meeting are as follows:


  • David Silvernail
  • Lester Barnard
  • Dan Ford
  • Carl Dow (Executive Committeeman, Past Commander)
  • James Bowne
  • William McGahey (2nd Vice)
  • Tim Cowles
  • Nancy Burch (1st Vice)
  • Jim Haugen (Finance)
  • Carlos Woods (Commander)
  • Douglas Pruett (Adjutant)
  • Jeremy Blevins (Historian, Past Commander)
  • Hollis Bridges (Past Commander)

Call to Order

Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the June meeting were read and approved.


  • Adjutant's Report:
    • We had 30 new/renewed memberships since the last meeting. 7 of them were processed online.
  • Finance Report:
    • Our 990-n ePostcard for tax-exempt status was filed earlier in the year and we are current.
    • The balances of the Post checking and money market accounts were announced.
  • Report from District 12 meeting:
    • Membership:
      • The Department of Alabama has a recruiting/membership team that will come out to provide training.
      • Each Post will be assessed for compliance as a post of the American Legion (e.g. some posts don't hold regular meetings, don't participate in Legion activities, etc.).
      • Each District Commander will visit all the posts in his/her district and communicate the findings directly with the Post Commanders.
    • National Legion Riders are planning a run that will pass through North Alabama. Post 15 in Decatur will probably be a stop, but they are planning on going through Huntsville en route to Georgia.
    • The Department of Alabama mid-winter conference will be held at Orange Beach.
    • Old business: N/A
    • New Business:
      • Each Post will need to provide a status to the District beginning next District meeting. The District meetings are currently viewed as a "drive and a meal", and the poor representation by the posts is seen as confirming this. The reports are intended to provide value to the group as a whole and improve communications between posts.
      • Some posts aren't doing the 990EZ post card right or at all. They are at risk for fines or loss of non-profit status by the IRS.
      • Will the Department of Alabama be providing a School of Instruction for new commanders in the near future? Question was not answered.
      • Next meeting is at 1300 on 5 October at Post 176 in Huntsville.

Old Business

  • 2013 Department Convention
    • Commander Woods was able to be present and represent the post for the entire convention.
    • Due to late registration, we were required to pay an additional $75.00 for registration. A motion was raised to reimburse Commander Woods for the full $150.00. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.
  • Permanent Post Home
    • After some preliminary discussion, a motion was raised to earmark a percentage of the funds in the Post money market account as a Building Fund, which would only be used toward the purchase of a permanent post home. The motion was seconded and debated. The vote was called for and the motion was unanimously rejected.
    • A motion passed during the June meeting for a House and Entertainment Committee (H&EC) to be appointed. At this meeting, Commander Woods appointed Bill McGahey to chair this committee and himself, Doug, Pruett, David Silvernail, and Jeremy Blevins to serve as committee members.
    • There was some discussion with regards to evaluating alternate meeting places. The Madison Senior Center has always been gracious in allowing us the use of their building, but we understand the burden placed on the management of the facility in making it available to us after normal business hours.
    • The H&EC has been tasked with evaluating alternate meeting locations and reporting back its findings at the September meeting.

New Business

  • New IRS rules for Legion posts
    • As was indicated on our website earlier this week, the IRS is now requiring non-profit veterans organizations to maintain a record of proof of service for all members. This will require each member of the Post to provide Adjutant Pruett with a copy of his/ her DD-214, NGB 22, or other official record of service. The copy maintained by the Post will have redacted Social Security Number information. 
    • The IRS will levy a $1000.00 a day fine for noncompliance.
    • The question arose of what to do about members who do not have/provide the required documentation. Without further information from the Department of Alabama or National , we cannot answer that question at the moment. It is imperative, however, that all members provide the required documentation as soon as possible.
    • The Post will be mailing a letter to all members to request updated contact information and a copy of the needed documents. A self-addressed, stamped envelope will be included for the return mailing.
    • If you do not have a copy of these documents, you can request replacement copies here:
  • New Members
    We had the pleasure to have three new members with us this meeting:
    • David Silvernail
    • Lester Barnard
    • Dan Ford