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Regular Post meetings occur on the second Thursday of each month in Madison, AL. Please contact us for details

December 2013 Meeting Minutes (Draft)

The December meeting was held on 09 December 2013 at 1900 at the Madison Senior Citizen Center 1289 Hughes Road, Madison, Alabama.

  • Carlos Woods, Commander
  • Bill McGahey, 2nd Vice
  • Jeremy Blevins, County Commander, Post 229 Historian
  • Scott Turbiner
  • Jerry Tepper
  • Kevin Kleinjung
  • Leondrā Kelley
  • David Silvernail
  • John Silvernail (guest)
Call to Order

Approval of the Previous Minutes
The previous minutes were made available here prior to the meeting. Commander Blevins motioned to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve them as provided. The motion was seconded by 2nd Vice McGahey and approved by unanimous acclamation. 

  • Adjutant's Report:
    Not available
  • Finance Report:
    Commander Woods provided the finance report.
  • District 12 Report:
    Commander Blevins provided the following report:
    • Previous Minutes: Previous minutes were distributed by Commander Krigbaum and accepted as written.
    • Finance Report: Finance report was distributed by Commander Krigbaum and accepted as written.
    • Department Commander's Comments:
      Commander Krigbaum informed those in attendance that the major recruiter for Posts who are able to reach 100% will receive a 100% membership Polo shirt from National in recognition of the accomplishment.

      Posts obtaining 100% membership by mid-winter conference will receive an award at the conference.

      Viet Nam vets in attendance at the mid-winter conference will receive special recognition for the 50th anniversary of the Viet Nam war.
    • Membership report:
      District 12 is at 72.6%
      The goal for all Posts is to be at 75% by Pearl Harbor Day
    • Unfinished Business
      New Locust Fork Post is expected to be officially chartered next Tuesday
    • New Business
      • Oratorical Contest
        • The District Oratorical Contest will be at 10000 on 22 February at Post 15 in Decatur
        • County contests need to be conducted by 8 February
        • Post contests need to be done by 1 February (NOTE: Post 229 has a student at Bob Jones interested in entering.)
      • Post 15 was awarded the plaque for District Post of the Year
      • The Sons of the American Legion Alabama Detachment has a website:www.SALAlabama.org
      • Motion was made by Commander Krigbaum to suspend from office the current Madison County Commander Sophia Malone. The motion was sent to Executive Committee, of which there was a quorum at the meeting. The Motion was passed.
      • Motion was made to appoint Jeremy Blevins as new Madison County Commander. Motion seconded and passed.
      • Jeremy Blevins was installed as the new Madison County Commander.
    • For the Good of the Legion
      • DEC Becky Burney informed the assembly of the National Awards book detailing all the National awards available to be presented.
      • Commander Krigbaum emphasized the responsibility of County Commanders to visit their respective posts and assist the District Commander in performing post evaluations.
    • Adjournment
  • SAL Committee - Nothing to report
Unfinished Business

New Business
  • Wreath removal:
    • Wreath removal will be on Saturday 4 January at 1000. Boxes for storing the wreaths need to be repaired and marked prior to recovering wreaths. Lessons learned from the previous events include the need for better logistics and notification of the media. (NB: Post 229 has an email alias for notifying members of the media, and WAAY 31 had a camera crew present at the last event.)
    • At the last event we were short wreaths. Commander Woods bought the needed wreaths. Motion was made by Legionnaire Kleinjung to reimburse the cost of wreaths. The motion was seconded by 2nd Vice McGahey and approved by unanimous acclamation. 
  • Memorial Day Committee:
    • Commander Woods commented on the need to form a Memorial Day Committee to handle the logistics of preparing for next years events. Commander Woods asked for volunteers to participate on the committee. The Committee consists of:
      • Commander Woods - Chair
      • 2nd Vice McGahey
      • Past Commander Dow (appointed in absentia)
  • Storage of Post Materials:
    The Post currently stores its chairs, wreaths, etc. in a storage building at Legionnaire Sampieri's house. The Post discussed the need to consider future options.
  • Election of Chaplain:
    The election of a new chaplain was to have occurred at this meeting, no names were put forth for nomination. The office is still vacant. The election of chaplain was tabled until the next meeting.
  • Monument Damage at Veterans Park:
    Legionnaire Kleinjung reported that the main monument at the Veterans Memorial Park has suffered some physical damage at its base. Commander Woods is looking into the damage and the cost of repairs, and will report his findings to the Post at the next meeting.
  • Mid-Winter Conference:
    Commander Woods brought up the upcoming mid-winter conference and the need for the Post to have representation at it. Motion was made by Legionnaire Kleinjung for the Post to provide $300.00 to Commander Blevins to offset lodging expenses ($99.00/ night before taxes). The motion was seconded by 2nd Vice McGahey and approved by unanimous acclamation. 
  • Motion was made by Commander Woods to provide a gift of up to $300.00 in value to the Madison Senior Center in gratitude for allowing us the use of their facility. The motion was seconded by Legionnaire Kleinjung and approved by unanimous acclamation. 
  • Motion was made by Commander Blevins to adopt the following resolution of the Post:
WHEREAS, Upon the first pillar of The American Legion, Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, we offer our final respects to Our Brothers and Sisters in Arms who have moved on to Post Everlasting; and 
WHEREAS, The American Legion Post 229, for many years, has honored Veterans interred in the Madison City Cemeteries by the placing of flags and laying of wreaths at proper times throughout the year; and

WHEREAS, This task is often made difficult due to limited or inaccurate records of Veteran interment, graves without Service markers, and loss of founts of knowledge in the Post; and

WHEREAS, Accomplishing this task would not be possible without the support of our Patriotic friends and neighbors in the community; and

WHEREAS, On occasion, someone goes above and beyond this token respectful remembrance to engage in a work of great significance toward the continual honor paid to those Veterans interred in the Madison City Cemeteries; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, By Post No. 229, The American Legion, Department of Alabama, in regular meeting assembled in Madison, Alabama on 12 December 2013, that Post 229 recognizes the Eagle Project of John Silvernail as providing a valuable service to Post 229, the City of Madison, and most importantly, the families of the Veterans interred in the Madison City Cemeteries; and be it finally

RESOLVED, That Post 229 offers its most sincere gratitude to Mr. Silvernail for his contribution to the betterment of our community by mapping the locations of Veterans’ gravesites in the Madison City Cemeteries.
 The motion was seconded by Legionnaire Turbiner and approved by unanimous acclamation. John Silvernail was present at the meeting and the Post took opportunity to thank him for all his hard work.
Front: John Silvernail, Carlos Woods, Back: Bill McGahey, Scott Turbiner, Leondrā Kelley, David Silvernail, Kevin Kleinjung, Jerry Tepper, Jeremy Blevins
For the Good of the Legion