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January 2014 Meeting Minutes (Draft)

The January meeting was held on 09 January 2014 at 1900 at the Madison Senior Citizen Center 1289 Hughes Road, Madison, Alabama.

  • Carlos Woods, Commander
  • Nancy Burch, 1st Vice
  • Bill McGahey, 2nd Vice
  • Doug Pruett, Adjutant
  • Jim Haugen, Finance Officer
  • Vic van Leeuen, Sergeant-at-Arms
  • Jeremy Blevins County Commander/ Post 229 Historian
  • Carl Dow, Past Commander/ Executive Committeeman
  • Jim Bowne
  • Phillip Evans
  • Mike Leech
  • John Perry
Call to Order

Approval of the Previous Minutes
The previous minutes having been previously distributed (here), Commander Blevins Motioned to dispense with the reading of the previous minutes and approve them as provided. The Motion was Seconded by 2nd Vice McGahey and approved by unanimous acclamation.

  • Adjutant's Report:
    Adjutant Pruett reported there were ten renewals last month and zero new members processed. Per his records we have 83 paid-up members. Adjutant Pruett commented that there may be some backlog at Department. Commander Woods asked the Adjutant to reconcile the Post's internal membership records against the myLegion.org online database. Past Commander Dow Motioned to accept the report, which was Seconded by 2nd Vice McGahey, and approved by unanimous acclamation.
  • Finance Report:
    Finance Officer Haugen reported the Post's finances. Notable for the past month were the purchase of replacement wreaths and donation to Sparkman HS JROTC. A Motion was made by Past Commander Dow to reimburse Commander Woods $47.00 for the money he had given Legionnaire Kleinjung for repairs at the Veterans Park that had been approved in a previous meeting. The Motion was Seconded by Sgt-at-Arms van Leeuen and approved by unanimous acclamation.
  • Memorial Day Committee Report:
    Commander Woods noted that Mayor (and fellow Legionnaire) Trulock had offered to assist with getting a speaker for this year's Memorial Day observation at the Madison Veteran's park. He also informed the Post that there was some dissapointment in the community that we did not have any Veterans Day activities in Madison this year (NB: Post 229 had a color guard and two vehicles with WWII vets riding in the Huntsville Veterans Day parade). Commander Woods stated that the Post should have a Madison-centric activity for Veterans Day in 2014. He also asked for any additional volunteers to serve on this committee.
  • National Security Committee:
    Commander Blevins reported on the recent visit to Sparkman HS JROTC to make a donation presentation.
  • Operation Christmas Bear Report:
    Past Commander Dow and Legionnaire Perry spoke to the success of the recent Operation Christmas Bear event. Due to the reduced deployments, there were less children in attendance at the event. It was stated that this will be the event's last year. Operation Christmas Bear was started a decade ago by Past Commander Bill Meyers, and the NAVFOC, who coordinates the event, has decided to end the event on a positive note in honor of Commander Meyers.
  • Graves and Memorial Registration Committee:
    As this committee is currently un-chaired, its purpose was discussed as it relates to maintaining accurate records of veterans interred in the Madison City Cemeteries, funerary responsibilities to members of the Post who have passed on, and managing the flag and wreath efforts. There has not been a formal committee operating as such, but the Executive Committee has managed the activities that would be managed by this committee.
Unfinished Business
  • Memorial Day event planning:This was tabled to allow for a meeting of the Executive Committee before bringing it to the general membership.
  • Discussion of current storage facility:
    Due to Legionnaire Sampieri's declining health and advancing age, the Post has determined that it needs to find a new location to store its supplies (wreaths, chairs, etc.). Legionnaire Sampieri has graciously allowed the Post use of his storage building for many years. Discussion spread into the topic of purchasing a permanent Post home that would facilitate storage, and how the Post could manage and sustain the business needed to fund a Post home.
  • Monument Damage & Repairs at the Veterans Memorial Park:
    As previously discussed, the monument has sustained damage requiring professional repair. The monument had originally been purchased with a lifetime warranty, but the vendor has since went out of business and there is no one to honor the warranty. Commander Woods will coordinate procurement of quotes to present at the next meeting.
  • Nomination/ Election of Chaplain:
    New Legionnaire, Phillip Evans volunteered for nomination as Chaplain. Election and Installation will occur at the February meeting. 
  • Discussion of Mid-Winter Conference:
    Commander Blevins will be attending the Mid-Winter Conference next week. He will report on it at the February meeting.
  • Oratorical Contest:
    This topic was revisited. The contests are scheduled to occur next month, but only one student in our area has expressed interest in participating. We have not advertised this event, but the principals at Bob Jones, James Clements, and Sparkman were contacted via email by Commander Blevins.
New Business
  • Due to time constraints, the following New Business was tabled until next month:
    • Motion to rename the "Memorial Day Committee" to "Americanism Committee" and task it with the duties outlined in Article VI § 2 of the Post By Laws.
    • Notice of Intent to bring Motion to Amend Article VI of the Post By Laws
    • In accordance with Article XII, notice is given that the following motion is being submitted for consideration at the February meeting:
      "Motion to strike Sections §5 Economic Committee, §7 Foreign Relations, and §10 Legislative Committee, from Article VI of the Post By Laws, and renumber the remaining sections accordingly, and to remove references to those Committees from Article VI, Section1."
      (Note: As notice was given in the agenda that was published before the meeting, in accordance with the Post By-Laws, the Motion itself can be brought to the floor at the next regular meeting of the Post.)
    • Memorial Day Poppy Drive
      Comment was made, however, about the information posted the the National website regarding the use of poppy funds:
  • Viet Nam Vet Interviews:
    Legionnaire John Perry briefed the post on an extended project to record the experience of Viet Nam vets for posterity. Legionnaire Perry recounted how he didn't start asking his father about his experiences in WWII until it was too late. The goal is to avoid that for future generations. This opportunity is open to those who served during 1964 and 1975. The Redstone Rocket will publish these interviews, tentatively one per issue, until they have printed them all. The interviews will be archived at the Smithsonian Institution. A producer of historical documentaries has expressed an interest in using some stories in a television show. The interviews will be conducted by COL Tom Brown (USA, ret.), Janet Marino, and CSM John Perry (USA, ret.).''
For the Good of the Legion
The phone number listed on our website has been used recently by veterans to solicit financial assistance. Due to the limited finances of the Post, it has been determined at this time that we cannot provide the assistance that is being sought. We don't have the revenue stream needed, as much as we would like, to be of assistance in this capacity.