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Regular Post meetings occur on the second Thursday of each month in Madison, AL. Please contact us for details

May 2014 Meeting Minutes (Draft)

The meeting was held on 8 May 2014 at 1900 at the Madison Senior Citizen Center 1289 Hughes Road, Madison, Alabama.

  • Carlos Woods, Commander 
  • Nancy Burch, 1st Vice Commander 
  • William McGahey, 2nd Vice Commander 
  • Douglas Pruett, Adjutant 
  • Jim Haugen, Finance Officer 
  • Vic van Leeuwen, Sergeant-at-Arms 
  • Jeremy B. Blevins, County Commander, Historian, Past Commander 
  • Carl Dow, Executive Committeeman, Past Commander 
  • Hollis Bridges, Past Commander 
  • David Silvernail
  • Jim Bowne 
  • Monica Dumont
  • Oscar Draper, Sr.
  • Anthony Bush
  • Kevin Kleinjung
  • Leondrā Kelley
  • Rickey Spears
Call to Order

Approval of Previous Minutes

The previous minutes having been previously distributed (here), County Commander Blevins motioned to dispense with the reading of the previous minutes and approve them as provided, which was seconded by Sgt-at-Arms van Leeuwen and approved by unanimous acclamation.

  • Adjutant's Report
  • Finance Report
  • Department Commander's Remarks
    Post 229 was honored to have Department Commander George Krigbaum in attendance at this month's meeting. Commander Krigbaum spoke on the upcoming Boys State session and the Department Convention that will be conducted in Huntsville this summer.
  • County Commander's Remarks
    Commander Blevins commented on the recent Boys State attendee meeting that was held at Post 237. He mentioned all the hard work Post 237 2nd Vice Rick Marquith has put into coordinating this year's Madison County Boys State participation.
  • Bob Jones JROTC Awards
    Commanders Woods and Blevins were honored to present the following awards recently:
    • Military Excellence: Cadet Joshua Monis
    • Scholastic Excellence: Cadet Andrew Smith
Unfinished Business
  • Memorial Day Events
    • Flag Detail: 24 May @ 0900 at the main cemetery on Mill Road
    • Poppies: 24-25 May at the HWY 72 Wal-Mart, 25 May at the Madison Blvd (HWY 20) Wal-Mart
    • Memorial Day Ceremony:
      • "Optimist" tent setup will be Sunday the 25th at 1700. Legionnaire Kleinjung will coordinate. (Thanks to the Optimist Club for allowing us use of this tent.)
      • Tent for the band will need to be rented as in years past. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to cover the cost of renting the tent. Past Commander Dow will coordinate.
      • Chairs will be set up 0800 on the 26th.
      • Nancy Burch will emcee the event. James Clemens JROTC will serve as Honor Guard, and COL Taylor (USA, Ret.), Senior Army Instructor, JCHS JROTC, will be the speaker.
  • Fund Raisers
    Tabled due to time constraints.
New Business
  • Election of 2014-2015 Officers
    Nominations had been opened at the April meeting, and only one nominee was put forth for each of the offices (except Chaplain, see below). Adjutant Pruett cast one vote on behalf of the Post and the following individuals were elected, to be installed next meeting:
    • Commander: Carlos Woods (2nd term)
    • 1st Vice: Nancy Burch (4th term)
    • 2nd Vice: Bill McGahey (3rd term)
    • Finance Officer: Jim Haugen (2nd term)
    • Judge Advocate: Mario Ventura (1st full term)
    • Sergeant-at-Arms: Anthony Bush (1st term)
    • Historian: Jeremy Blevins (2nd term)
    • Executive Committeewoman: Monica Dumont (1st term)
    • Election of Adjutant
      Commander Blevins cast one vote on behalf of the Post to elect Doug Pruett to a second term as Adjutant.
    • Nomination and Election of Chaplain
      The nomination of Chaplain had been tabled at the April meeting. The floor was opened to nominations, and Rickey Spears was the only nominee. Adjutant Pruett cast one vote on behalf of the Post to elect Legionnaire Spears as Chaplain.
  • 2014 Department of Alabama Convention
    • 19-22 June
    • Post 229 Unofficial delegate count: 6
    • Post will pay $90 (@$15/delegate) to send a delegation to the convention.
    • Election of Delegates
      The following delegates will represent Post 229 at the convention:
      • Commander Carlos Woods
      • Past Commander Carl Dow
      • County Commander Jeremy Blevins
      • Adjutant Doug Pruett
      • Sgt-at-Arms (elect) Anthony Bush
      • Executive Committeewoman (elect) Monica Dumont
For the Good of the Legion
The Post welcomed new member Oscar Draper, Sr. and Department Commander George Krigbaum.