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August 2014 Meeting Minutes (Draft)

The meeting was held on 14 August 2014 1900 at the Madison Senior Center.

Call to Order
Approval of Previous Minutes Past commander Blevins motioned that July meeting minutes be accepted as posted on Post 229 web site. Seconded by Adjutant Pruett, and unanimously accepted by all Legionnaires present.

  • Adjutant
    Adjutant Pruett reported that the Department of Alabama now shows Post 229 at 49.6% renewed, with several renewals pending submittal. Total post roster shows 198 members paid for 2014 or 2015. MyLegion.org roster shows 10 expired members, not with last year paid being 2013. There were no questions, and the Adjutant Report was deemed accepted by Commander Woods.
  • Finance
    Finance Officer Haugen was out of town, and there was no finance report made.
  • District Report
    District Vice Commander Blevins reported on a recent meeting of all post commanders within District 12. All posts are encouraged to ensure that they are following the Four Pillars of the American Legion. There are approximately 39,000 veterans in Alabama, and the goal is to have 19,000 as members of the American Legion. Vice commander Blevins encouraged all officers to log onto the American Legion Extension Institute and take courses in their positions. All post need to ensure a representative at the district meetings.
  • County Report
    Commander Bush is active duty Army, and was TDY, and there was no county report made.
    Past Commander Blevins reported that the NAVOC by-laws had passed as written. Commander Woods reminded the post that we are to host the September meeting and asked for authority to spend up to $75.00 for supplies and refreshments. Motion to authorize the funds was made by Past commander Blevins and seconded by Legionnaire Leech, and unanimously accepted by all legionnaires present.
  • Trail of Tears
    Commander Woods reported that he and Adjutant Pruett had attended a meeting of the Alabama-Tennessee Trail of Tears Corridor Association, about the possibility of selling tee shirts at the Rocket Harley Davidson rest stop. The association has already entered discussions with a Native American group to sell shirts, and Post 229 withdrew from the discussion.
Unfinished Business
  • American Legion Riders
    Legionnaire van Leeuewn made the motion to support establishing a chapter of the American Legion Riders at Post 229. Motion was seconded by Adjutant Pruett, and unanimously accepted by all legionnaires present. 
  • Madison Street Festival
    Legionnaire van Leeuewen reported on discussion with Po Boy Factory cost estimates for gumbo, red beans & sausage, and jambalaya to sell, and profit margins for each. Discussion agreed to limit the food sales to gumbo and red beans & sausage. Po Boy Factory is donating the rice to the Post. Legionnaire van Leeuewen is also meeting the Madison Optimists Club to finalize plans for lay-out of shared area in the Memorial Park.
  • Veterans Day
    Commander Woods advised that the Veterans Memorial is beyond repair, and will need to be entirely replaced. Past commander Blevins suggested meeting with the Madison City Council for possibly joint mission to replace the monument. 
New Business
  • Guest Speaker - SAL Area 1 Vice Commander Donald Smith
    Commander Smith spoke to Post 229 on the requirements for starting up a SAL Squadron. Past Commander Blevins is the SAL Committee Chair and will be sending a separate email to gauge interest in forming a Madison SAL Squadron. For more information on the SAL, please visit http://www.salalabama.org/index.html.
  • JROTC Donations
    Commander Woods reminded the post of out history of supporting JROTC at all three area high schools, and asked if we wish to continue donating $250.00 to each JROTC program. Legionnaire Turbiner made the motion that we donate $250.00 to each JROTC program. Motion was seconded by Judge Advocate Ventura, and passed by unanimous acclamation.
  •  Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)
    Past Commander Blevins reported that these are a program that allows people to log volunteer hours through a recognized service organization, including the American Legion. Various awards and certificates are presented based on the number of certified volunteer hours, but the certifying organization must enroll in the program. Judge Advocate Venture made the motion for Post 229 to enroll and support the PVSA program. Motion was seconded by Legionnaire Turbiner, and unanimously accepted by all legionnaires present. 
  • Service Officer
    Commander Woods advised that the Department of Alabama will have a Service Officer at our September meeting, and asked that we inform any veterans with issues the opportunity. Membership in the American Legion is not a requirement to speak with the Service Officer. 

For the Good of the Legion 
The Post welcomed new and prospective members.

The meeting was adjourned by Commander Woods at 2015 Hrs.