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Local Legionnaires Comment on Armed Forces Week

At the August 3rd meeting of the 12th District, The American Legion Department of Alabama, Travis Leder, a WAAY TV reporter, interviewed Past Department Commander George Krigbaum, 12th District Commander Pat Volonino, and 12th District Vice Commander Jeremy Blevins, on what Armed Forces Week meant to them. Their responses were included in a segment that aired that evening.
Many veterans feel Armed Forces Week is a great opportunity to not only honor soldiers, but also to keep their sacrifice in the minds of Americans year round. Veteran George Krigbaum says, "The veterans should always be out in front as far as in people's thoughts."
Krigbaum and others are happy to see what's happening this week throughout the Tennessee Valley.
Veteran Jeremy Blevins says, "I think its wonderful to see the City of Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley in general do for the veterans community and its active duty service members."
Blevins does say while many attractions use this week to provide retired and active duty military free admission, that's now [sic] [recte not] what they look forward to when they choose to risk their lives for their country.
"Veterans are never asking for a handout, we always, we'd like to be recognized for our service to our country, but we didn't serve our country to be recognized." (Source:  WAAY TV)
During the raw interview session, Comrade Blevins also referenced that since its inception in 1919, The American Legion has always championed the idea of a "Hand up, not a hand out": when a fellow veteran or active service member needs assistance, we are there to help.

Thanks to Mr. Leder for taking time to interview our fellow Legionnaires.
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