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Regular Post meetings occur on the second Thursday of each month in Madison, AL. Please contact us for details

October 2014 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held on 9 October 2014 1900 at the Madison Senior Center. Post 229 members present were Carlos Woods- Commander, Douglas Pruett- Adjutant, James Haughen- Finance Officer, Victor  van Leeuwen, Lester Barnard, David Silvernail, Scott Turbiner, Oscar Draper Sr., Mike Marcel, Brian William Lucero, and Leondra Kelley. New members present were Chad Warner, Allison McGrath, James Cox, Cherish Croft, Jeremy Jones, Trhlin, Rickey Kelly, Claudette Grant,  Also present was Guest Speaker Michael Quigley.

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Commander Woods at 1900 Hrs. Opening prayer was lead by Legionnaire Draper.

Approval of Previous Minutes
Adjutant Pruett read the minutes from the previous meeting.  Commander Woods made the motion to accept the minutes as read.  The motion was seconded by Legionnaire Turbiner, and unanimously accepted by all legionnaires present.

  • Adjutant-
    Adjutant Pruett reported that the Department of Alabama now shows Post 229 at 80.8% renewed, with several renewals and new members pending submittal.  Adjutant Pruett had worked with staff at Department of Alabama to have errors on previous reports corrected, and corrections have been made.  Post 229 gained six new members and two transfers during the Madison Street Festival, and there are several pending payment of dues before they can be counted.  There were also two Legionnaires that wish to affiliate with post 229 under Project Stay Active.  No members had question about the report, so it was deemed accepted.
  • Finance -
    Finance Officer Haugen was reported on the total funds in the Operation Account before the Madison Street Festival, and that he is in the process receiving all needed receipts to complete the final balance from the street festival. Motion to accept was made by Legionnaire Turbiner, seconded by Legionnaire Silvernail, and accepted by voice vote.
  • District Report-
    Commander Woods reported that District 12 meeting primarily discussed recruiting, and that the goal set by National is to have 4 Million members in the American Legion before the 2016 election.  It was also stressed that the American Legion needs to recruit younger veterans and that if any post leadership is unwilling to attempt recruiting younger veterans, they need to step aside.  There were no questions and report was deemed accepted.
  • County Report-
    No County report was given.
    Past Commander Bridges reported that the NAVFOC is nominating new officers but that there will not be another meeting until December.
  • Sons of the Legion (SAL) -                                                                                                             
    No report was made on SAL status at Post 229.  Guest Speaker Michael Quigley is the commander of the Scottsboro Squadron of SAL and informed the post of some of the accomplishment of SAL.  Mr. Quigley advised that the SAL’s largest works are for child welfare and National Legacy, which provides full college expenses for the children of combat fatalities.  Mr. Quigley also advised that SAL squadrons also support the local post with maintenance and cleaning for the post facilities.
  • Americanism Committee-                                                                                                        
    Commander Woods reported that Post 229 is attempting to gain support from local business to help with the cost of replacing the Veterans Memorial.
  • American Legion Riders Committee-                                                                                
    Committee Chairwoman Dumont advised that there was no report this month, and Commander Woods reminded all present to contact Monica Dumont if interested in joining.
Unfinished Business

·         Madison Street Festival-                                                                                                        
Legionnaire van Leeuwen reported that he is still working with Finance Officer Haughen to finalize the costs from the MSF.  Legionnaire van Leeuwen also stated that he is attempting to schedule a meeting with the Madison Optimist Club to determine “lessons learned” and help foster good relations for any possible joint efforts.
·         Memorial Committee-                                                                                                              
Commander Woods advised he is still working to recruit a specific unnamed legionnaire to chair the Memorial Committee, and hope to finalize that plan soon.  The legionnaire that commander Woods is attempting to recruit is well known in the local business community, and the hope is that his contacts will be instrumental in gaining corporate support.

New Business

·         Veterans Day Ceremony-
Commander Woods reminded the post that we will not be conducting a Veterans Day Ceremony, and that we will be combining efforts with the City of Huntsville and Madison County.
·         Flag Detail-
Flag detail is scheduled for 8 November starting at 0800 Hrs.  Volunteers are needed to assist in placing the flags in the cemeteries within Madison city limits.
·         Poppy Give Away-
Commander Woods reported that Post 229 will be handing out Poppies at the Wal-Marts on Madison Blvd. and Highway 72 during Veteran’s Day Weekend of 8-9 November 2014. Three volunteers are needed for 3 shifts of 2 hours, with a minimum of 3 volunteers per shift.  Total volunteers needed are 18 per day to cover both locations.

For the Good of the Legion
The Post welcomed new and prospective members.

The meeting was adjourned by Commander Woods at 2015 Hrs.