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Regular Post meetings occur on the second Thursday of each month in Madison, AL. Please contact us for details

November 2014 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held on 13 November 2014 1900 at the Madison Senior Center.  Legionnaires present were Commander Carlos woods, Second-Vice Commander William McGahey, Adjutant Douglas Pruett, Chaplain Rickey Spears, Historian Sandra Bush, County Commander Anthony Bush, Lester Barnard, Trent Bennett, Hollis Bridges, Larry Cunningham, Carl Dow, Monica Dumont, Eugene Folks, Leondra Kelley, Kevin Kleinjung, Michael Marcel, Allison McGrath, Paul McKinney, Scott Turbiner, Tracey Turner, Lelia Woods, and Samuel McCray joining at meeting.  Guests were District 12 Commander Pat Volonino, Louis Heard, and Andrew Reed.

Call to Order

Commander Woods called the meeting to order at 1900 Hrs, and thanked District 12 Commander Volonino for visiting for the meeting.

Approval of Previous Minutes

County Commander Bush made the motion to accept the minutes for the October meeting as posted on The Post 229 website.  Second Vice Commander McGahey seconded the motion, and it was passed by all present.


Adjutant Pruett reported that the membership report from the Department of Alabama now shows Post 229 at 102.4% paid.  Adjutant Pruett also explained that the percentage is based on the total number of members paid dues for the previous Legion year, and that being over 100% is due to recruiting.  Adjutant Pruett also recognized Legionnaire Monica Dumont as having recruited fifteen new members into Post 229 since 1 July 2014.
District 12 Commander Volonino took this time to present Commander Woods and Adjutant Pruett with hat pins to recognize Post 229 being over 100% paid, and as the first post within district 12 to reach that goal.  County Commander Bush also presented a certificate from the Department of Alabama recognizing Post 229 for reaching the 100% paid goal.

Finance -                                                                                                                                                
Finance Officer Haugen reported that the insurance for the storage building had been paid for the next year.  Finance Officer Haugen also reported on the total donations taken during the Veterans Day weekend Poppy event, the cost of the supplies, and total profit from the event.  Finance Officer Haugen reported the balances of the Post Operational account and the Memorial Fund.  The account balances will not be included in the minutes but any member can contact the Finance Officer directly to discuss 
post finances.

District Report-
District commander Volonino spoke on the importance of the Oratorical Contest and Boys State, and several methods of increasing the participation.

County Report-                                                                                                                            
Commander Bush reported that preparations for the Oratorical Contest are coming soon, with more details to follow.  Commander Bush also stated that the current plan is to consolidate all posts in Madison County into one Oratorical Contest, and that winners will be submitted to the District contest.

NAVOC Report-                                                                                                                              
Legionnaire Hollis Bridges stated that there was no report from NAVOC or DAV this month.

American Legion Riders Committee-                                                                                         
Legionnaire Monica Dumont reported that no post in Madison County has significant numbers of interested motorcyclists to establish a chapter, and that most wishing to join the American Legion Riders join the chapter in Decatur, AL.  Legionnaire Dumont advised that anyone interested join the Decatur chapter of the American Legion Riders.

Unfinished Business

Veterans Weekend Events were all reported on by Commander Woods as follow.

Flag Detail Cemeteries-                                                                                                              
Commander Woods recognized James Clemons High School JROTC and Legacy Elementary School K-Kids Club for their support and assistance in placing the flags.

Poppy Weekend Giveaway-                                                                                                       
Commander Woods stated that Post 229 did well on donations received during the Poppy Giveaway Event, and that Post 229 was limited to six hours per day at the Wal-Mart on Hwy 72 for both days, and only had enough volunteers to conduct the event at the Wal-Mart on Madison Blvd on Saturday.

Huntsville Veterans Day Parade-                                                                                              
Commander Woods thanked all legionnaires that were able to represent Post 229 during the parade, and advised that there were photographs from the parade and poppy event 
for any that wanted them.

District Service Officer-                                                                                                               
Commander Woods advised that District 12 Service Officer had been unavailable due to medical reasons, and expressed his apology for any unreturned calls or emails.  Commander Woods advised that any legionnaires needing the assistance of the Service Officer can ask him for the contact information.

New Business

Officer Elections-                                                                                                                    
Commander Woods announced that First-Vice Commander Burch and Finance Officer Haughen were stepping down from their respective positions due to personal issues that did not allow the time they saw necessary for the Post duties.  Nominations and elections were held immediately.  New officers were installed by County commander Bush immediately following both elections.

First-Vice Commander-                                                                                                                 
Legionnaire McGrath nominated Monica Dumont, and the nomination was seconded by Second-Vice Commander McGahey. Nominations were closed due to no further legionnaires being 
nominated.  Adjutant Pruett cast one vote on the behalf of all members present.

Finance Officer-                                                                                                                                
Commander Woods nominated Legionnaire Cunningham, and Legionnaire Cunningham declined due to his heavy work load.  Past commander Bridges nominated Legionnaire McGrath, and the nomination was seconded my Legionnaire Monica Dumont.  Nominations were closed due to no further legionnaires being nominated.  Adjutant Pruett cast one vote on the behalf of all members present.

Madison Christmas Parade- No report was made.

Legionnaire Kleinjung presented receipt for repair parts needed for flag lights at the Veterans Memorial Park.  Past Commander Dow motioned that Post 229 reimburse Legion Kleinjung, and the motion was seconded by Adjutant Pruett.  Motion was passed by all legionnaires present.

Commander Woods presented receipts for supplies purchased for the Veterans Day activities.  Motion to reimburse Commander Woods was made by Legionnaire Kleinjung and seconded by County commander Bush.  Motion was passed by all legionnaires present.

Commander Woods stated that the post had received a request for support from Buckhorn High School to build a Veterans Memorial.  All legionnaires present agreed to table that discussion until a later meeting.

Madison Senior Center-                                                                                                              
Commander Woods reminded the post that we normally present the Madison Senior center with an annual donation.  Motion to make the regular annual donation was made by Adjutant Pruett, and seconded by Past Commander Dow.  Motion was passed by all legionnaires present.

Commander Woods reminded the post that we normally present the JROTC programs at Bob Jones High School, James Clemons High School, and Sparkman High School with annual donations.  County Commander Bush stated that since this was a regular budgetary line item, no motion was required unless someone objected.  There were no objections, and funds were authorized for disbursement as normally made.

The meeting was adjourned by Commander Woods at 2020 Hrs.

For the Good of the Legion