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March 2015 Meeting Minutes

Members present were Commander First Vice-Commander Monica Dumont, Second Vice-Commander Bill McGahey, Adjutant Douglas Pruett, Finance Officer Allison McGrath, Judge Advocate Mario Ventura, District First Vice-Commander Jeremy Blevins, Past Commander Carl Dow, Legionnaires James Bowne, Edward Durst, Jim Haughen, Tracy Haywood, Edward Hunter, Leondra Kelley, Eural Madry, Mike Marcel, Tom McKinney, Andrew Reed, Scott Turbiner, and Vic van Leeuwen,  

Call to Order
Meeting was called to order at 1900 Hrs by First Vice-Commander Dumont.  Opening prayer was led by Legionnaire van Leeuwen

Approval of Previous Minutes 

Motion to accept February minutes as posted on the post website was made by Past Commander Carl Dow, and seconded by Tom McKinney.  Motion was passed by all members present.

  • Adjutant
    • Adjutant Pruett recognized new members Eural Madry Jr and Edward Durst, and Victoria Bingham who is home on USAF leave.  Adjutant Pruett reported that the Post 229 roster currently has 198 members with dues current and 23 members needing to renew dues, for a total of 222 members in the post.  The latest report from Department of Alabama places Post 229 at 148% current on dues, beyond the 2014 legion year.  This places Post 229 at the top post in District 12, second post in Division 1, and fifth place in the Department of Alabama.  Motion to accept the report was made by Second Vice-commander McGahey, seconded by Past commander Dow, and passed by all members present.
  • Finance
    • Finance officer McGrath reported the current balances of the Operational Fund and Memorial Fund.  Motion to accept the report was made by Second Vice-Commander McGahey, seconded by Legionnaire Turbiner, and passed by all present.  NOTE: Account balances are not posted in the on-line minutes.  Post 229 members with questions can contact Commander Woods directly.
  • State of the District/County Report
    • District Vice-Commander Blevins reported that District 12 officer elections will be held on 12 April 2015, and encouraged members to be present.  Vice Commander Blevins also reported that the Madison County Oratorical Contest was won by Brandon Walker from Hazel Green, and will be competing in the Department Oratorical Contest.  Commander Blevins also reminded the post to start considering candidates to attend Boys State and for JROTC awards.
    • Representative Carl Dow reported no new activity at this time
  • DAV
    • No report
  • Committees Reports:
    • Americanism Committee:  Legionnaire McKinney reported that he had not been able to find any information on line for the Department of Alabama Law Enforcement Officer of the Year criteria, but that he now had contact information for the Department Adjutant and would contact him.  The main question is when nominations are required at department level.
    • Membership Drive (1st Vice- Recruiting Script)
      • No report.

 Unfinished Business
    • Fund Raiser –  Auto Show
      • Finance Officer McGrath reported that she does not believe the skate part parking lot will be sufficient for the auto show, and suggested that we move the date to August. This will allow time to find a more ideal location, possibly one of the high schools or the stadium, and possibly get approval for indoor pace for vendors and restrooms.
    • Oratorical Contest
      • District Vice-Commander Blevins previously covered the report during the State of the District Report.
    • Memorial Day Weekend
      • First Vice Commander Dumont presented the report based on notes from Commander Woods.
      • Where: Madison Veteran Park 25 May 2015 Time: 11 AM- 12 PM
        • Recommendations For Agenda needed from Member
        • Speaker: LTC Herd, Randy, Bob Jones High School JROTC Instructor
        • Color Guard: Bob Jones High School (Not Confirmed)
        • Madison Community Band
        • Guest Singer: Lawrence Frakes, Post 229
        • Recommend Hot dogs Giveaway for Donations includes drinks/water – donations for Rebuild of Memorial Monument
        • Requested Helicopter Static Display
      • Poppies Give Away 23-24 May 2015
        • Wal-Marts Hwy 20 and Hwy 72W
        • Time 10AM to 4 PM Both Saturday and Sunday
        • Three- 2 hours shifts per Day
        • 2 Legionnaires at each entry, total 32 Legionnaires needed.
New Business
  • Calendar of Events
    • Vice Commander Dumont stated Commander Woods had disseminated a Calendar of Events to all email address on the Post 229 roster, inform members so they can plan in advance.
    •  The Phenix City, AL post will be hosting a American Legion Birthday celebration on Sunday 15 March 2015, and all legionnaires are invited to attend.
  • Open to the Floor
    • District Vice-Commander Blevins advised that there is an upcoming Cyber Security conference and that there are many veterans expected to attend. Madison County is planning to have a recruitment booth at the conference, and the registration fee is $250.00.  Vice Commander Blevins is asking each post to contribute $50.00, to split the total cost evenly among all county posts.  Motion to approve the funds was made by Legionnaire van Leeuwen, seconded by Second Vice-Commander McGahey, and passed by all members present.
    • Adjutant Pruett presented Vice Commander Dumont with a Certificate of Recognition for recruiting twenty new members or transfers into Post 229.  The certificate was signed by Department Commander Stacey and Department Adjutant Akers.  Adjutant Pruett also presented Vice commander Dumont with a hat pin for 20 recruits.
Adjournment                                                                                                                                        Motion to adjourn was made by Adjutant Pruett, seconded by Second Vice commander McGahey, and passed by all members present. Closing prayer was led by Past Commander Dow, and First Vice-Commander Dumont  adjourned the meeting at 1950 Hrs.                                                                                                                                       

For the Good of the Legion