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Regular Post meetings occur on the second Thursday of each month in Madison, AL. Please contact us for details

May 2015 Meeting Minutes

·         Call to Order- The meeting was called to order at 1700 Hrs by Commander Carlos Woods, and opening prayer was offered by Chaplain Rickey Spears. . Members present were Commander Carlos Woods, First Vice-Commander Monica Dumont, Second Vice-Commander Bill McGahey, Adjutant Douglas Pruett, Finance Officer Allison McGrath, Judge Advocate Mario Ventura, Chaplain Rickey Spears, Past Commander Carl Dow, Legionnaires Dan Brown, Ralph Cobb, Sheri Hollie, Leondra Kelley, Kevin Kleinjung, Tom McKinney, Bill Petit, David Silvernail, and Vic Van Leeuwen.

·         Moment of Silence for James Bowne

·         Approval of Previous Minutes- Motion was made by Legionnaire Kleinjung to accept the minutes are posted on line, and seconded by Legionnaire Van Leeuwen. Motion was pasted by all present.

·         Reports
    • Adjutant- Adjutant Pruett reported that there are currently 222 members in Post 229. The total of paid members in 205, unpaid is 17, and the Department of Alabama currently shows Post 229 at 156.8%. Motion to accept the Adjutant’s Report was made by Commander Woods, seconded by Legionnaire Brown, and passed by all present.
    • Finance – Finance Officer McGrath reported on the balance of the Operational and Memorial Funds accounts. Motion to accept the Finance Officer Report was made by Adjutant Pruett, seconded by Legionnaire Kleinjung, and passed by all present.      Note: Balances are not reported here, but members of Post 229 can contact Commander Woods with any questions.
    • State of the District/County Report- Commander Woods reported that he has been elected the new County Commander.
    • NAVFOC- Legionnaire Dow reported that he will be participating in a recruitment event at the Jaycees Building on 31 October 2015.  It was also reported that the NAVFOC will be conducting a car show at Milton Frank Stadium
    • DAV- No DAV Report
    • Committees Reports- No report
·         Unfinished Business

o    Monument Report - Pierre Tourney of Clarke Memorial of Alabama gave a presentation design ideas for the Memorial.  Initial cost estimate is $46,000 but a Letter In Kind will lower cost to $39,862.  Legionnaire Kleinjung stated that there may be an issue with the Madison Historical Society approving the monument, and they must approve due to the location of Memorial Park.  Additional information will be in future meetings.

o    Law Enforcement Award
      • Americanism Committee- Legionnaire Tom McKinney reported that Law Enforcement Officer of Year is Detective Corporal Christie Gover of the Madison Police Department, and that she will also be submitted to the Department of Alabama for consideration at the upcoming convention.
    • Boys State:
      • Membership Drive-Boys State candidate is Harrison James from Sparkman High School.  James is the Senior Patrol Leader of his Boy Scout Troup, and a member of Sparkman High School JROTC.
    • Auto Show August 2015
      • Auto show may be tabled, due to conflicting NAVFOC car show.
    • Memorial Day Weekend
      • 21 May 2015 Moon Walk & Party Rental to setup tent for Band. Breakdown on 27 May 2015, Carl Dow to oversee Cost $223.00.
      • Placing of Flags: 23 May 2015, Time: 0800 A.M.  Meeting Place: (NEW) Madison Memory Garden Parking Lot. Pickup Flags - 2nd Vice, Bill McGahey (LEAD).
      • 22 or 23 May 2015 setup Optima Tent - Ken Kleinjung needs 5 Legionnaire to help setup.
      • Need to Order Poppies – 2000 each - Finance Officers
      • Poppies Give Away 23-24 May 2015
        • Wal-Marts Hwy 20 and Hwy 72W
          • Time 10AM to 4 PM Both Saturday and Sunday
          • Three- 2 hours shifts per Day
          • 1 each Legionnaires at each entry, Plus Floater, 3 Legionnaires per shift. 9 each Legionnaires needed each day. Need Volunteers Give Commander Woods a call at 256-508-6548 or email at carloswoods@knology.net
        • Memorial Day Ceremony
          • Where: Madison Veteran Park 25 May 2015 Time: 11 AM- 12 PM
          • 9 May 2015, time 10 AM Walk Thru for Memorial Day Ceremony. If need Second Walk through 15 May 2015, time: 10 AM.
          • Recommendations For Agenda needed from Member
          • 1st Vice Monica Dumont, Master of Ceremony.
          • Speaker: LTC Herd, Randy, Bob Jones High School JROTC Instructor
          • Color Guard: Bob Jones High School (Confirmed)
          • Madison Community Band
          • Guest Singer: Lawrence Frakes, Post 229
          • Helicopter Static Display Confirmed
·         New Business
    • Commander- Carlos Woods ran undisputed and one vote was cast by Adjutant Pruett.
    • First Vice-Commander- Monica Dumont ran undisputed and one vote was cast by Adjutant Pruett.
    • Second Vice-Commander- Bill McGahey ran undisputed and one vote was cast by Adjutant Pruett.
    • Adjutant- Douglas Pruett ran undisputed and one vote was cast by Commander Woods.
    • Chaplain- Rickey Spears ran undisputed and one vote was cast by Adjutant Pruett.
    • Judge Advocate- Mario Ventura ran undisputed and one vote was cast by Adjutant Pruett.
    • Sergeant of Arms_ Mike Marcel ran undisputed and one vote was cast by Adjutant Pruett.
    • Finance Officer- Allison McGrath was nominated by First Vice-Commander Dumont, and seconded by Second Vice-Commander McGahey.  Leondra Kelley was nominated by Commander Woods and seconded by Judge Advocate Ventura. A run-off election will be conducted for the position of Finance Officer at the next meeting.
    • Installation of Officers will follow.

·         Adjournment- Commander Woods adjourned the meeting at 2020 Hrs.

For the Good of the Legion