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July 2015 Meeting Minutes

·         Call to Order- The meeting was called to order at 1700 Hrs by Commander Carlos Woods, and opening prayer was offered by Chaplain Rickey Spears. Members Present were Commander Carlos Woods, First Vice-Commander Monica Dumont, Second Vice-Commander Bill McGahey, Adjutant Douglas Pruett, Judge Advocate Mario Ventura, Sergeant of Arms Mike Marcel, Chaplain Rickey Spears, Past Commander Carl Dow, Legionnaires Lester Barnard, Victoria Bingham, Victor Blade, Larry Cunningham, Oscar Draper Sr., Edward Durst, Jim Haughen, Sheri Hollie, Joann Holman, Edward Hunter, Mike Leech, John Lendeborg, Tom McKinney, Andrew Reiter, David Silvernail, Jerry Tepper, Yvette Torbert, Scott Turbiner, Tracey Turner, Vic vanLeeuwen, James Vance, and Lelia Woods.

·         Approval of Previous Minutes- A motion to actually read the full minutes of the June meeting was made by Tom McKinney, Seconded by Past Commander Carl Dow, and passed by all present.  Adjutant Pruett read the minutes.  A motion to accept as read was made by Judge Advocate Ventura, seconded by Second Vice-Commander McGahey, and passed by all present.

·         Reports
    • Adjutant- Adjutant Pruett reported that since the Legion year just began, there are no percentages from the Department of Alabama to report.  Adjutant Pruett did report that we have recruited six new members since July 1, including two that joined prior to the meeting tonight.  NOTE: Add one transfer after the meeting, for a total of seven new members to Post 229.  Since there were no questions, Commander Woods deemed the Adjutant Report as passed.
    • Finance – Finance Officer Leondra Kelley was absent from the meeting due to being in the Madison Hospital. Commander Woods reported that Post 229 had donated $200 to a veteran in need, and Adjutant Pruett provided more information.  Adjutant Pruett advised that the veteran is married with two children, and is currently unemployed and being evicted.  Adjutant Pruett advised that the veteran found new housing, and had managed most of the money, except deposits.  Adjutant Pruett and Finance Officer Kelly had met with the family, and provided a check to cover deposits, and the check was made payable to the apartment complex.  Commander Woods also reported that this request came through the Department of Alabama, and they had already vetted the veteran for a legitimate need. Commander Woods also reported the balance of both accounts. Motion to accept the Finance Report was made by Legionnaire McKinney, seconded by Second Vice-Commander McGahey, and passed my all present. Note: Balances are not reported here, but members of Post 229 can contact Commander Woods with any questions.
    • State of the District/County Report- No Report
    • NAVFOC- No Report
    • DAV- No Report
    • Committees Reports-
    • Americanism Committee- This report will be covered in Unfinished Business
    • Membership Committee- First Vice-Commander stated that there is no report, but that there will be more to report after contacting District 12 Membership Committee.  Commander Woods stated that Alabama has approximately 328,000 veterans eligible for membership in the American Legion. Alabama has only 19,000 of these members signed as members. Smaller States like Idaho has 58,000 members. We need to work to bring more of these 328,000 veterans into the Alabama American Legion

·         Unfinished Business

    •  Law Enforcement Award Americanism Committee-                                          

      Legionnaire Tom McKinney reported that Law Enforcement Officer of Year is Detective Corporal Christie Gover of the Madison Police Department, and that she was submitted to the Department of Alabama for consideration at the upcoming convention, but a Montgomery Police Officer won.  Legionnaire McKinney reported that he will be making a formal presentation to Corporal Gover at Madison City Council on 10 August at 1800 Hrs. and invited our memberships to be present at the presentation to show support. Please come out and support your Post 229 at this presentation.

    • New Monument Plans                                                                                                  Commander Woods explained the history of the monument, and the need to replace it, to all members present.  Commander Woods also stated that the plan was to present the monument plans to the Madison City Council at the next City Council meeting, and that the total projected cost was $39,862.  Legionnaire Jim Haughen stated that the monument plan was never put to a vote of Post 229 membership.  Commander Woods stated that he had tried to recruit volunteers to serve as a Monument Committee several times, but never was unable to get anyone to serve.  Commander Woods stated that after getting no volunteers, he approached Legionnaire Drolet based on his experience helping design and build the Madison County Memorial located in Huntsville.  Legionnaire Drolet contacted a company that he was familiar with, and received memorial plans and cost to build.  Judge Advocate Ventura made the suggestion that the post obtain three designs and bids.  The post opted to seek additional bids, and also had five members volunteer to serve on the Memorial Committee.  Committee Chairperson is Jim Haughen, and other members are Lester Barnard, Victor Blade, Larry Cunningham, and John Lendeborg.  The committee will establish the perimeters under which they will operate, and report back to the post.

·         New Business
    • Adjutant Pruett read a Certificate of Recognition for National Commander Helms that congratulated Commander Woods, and Post 229, on achieving 100% for the 2015 Legion year.  The certificate also came with a signed photo for National Commander Helms. Our post over achieved by accomplishing 150% for 2015. The award recognized all Posts accomplishing 100%.

·         Adjournment- Motion to adjourn was made by Second Vice-Commander McGahey, seconded by Past Commander Dow, and passed by all present.  Commander Woods adjourned the meeting at 2015 Hrs.

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