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September 2015 Meeting Minutes

·         Call to Order- Members present were Commander Carlos Woods, Second Vice-Commander Bill McGahey, Adjutant Douglas Pruett, Historian Sandra Bush, Past Commander Carl Dow, Legionnaires Anthony Bush, Ralph Cobb, Jim Haugen, Odri Hastings, Tom McKinney, Barry Meyer, David Silvernail, Jerry Tepper, James Vance, Shelton Torbert, and Larry Vannoy. The opening prayer was offered by Legionnaire Silvernail.

·         Approval of Previous Minutes- A motion to accept the minutes of the August meeting as emailed to the membership was made by Adjutant Pruett and seconded by Second Vice-Commander McGahey.  The motion was passed by all present.
·         Reports
    • Adjutant- Adjutant Pruett reported that Post 229 is currently showing as 60.9% according to the Department of Alabama.  This places Post 229 at sixth place in District 12. Adjutant Pruett encouraged all members to renew their dues, avoid the dues increase in January 2016, and help make Post 229 the top post in District 12. There were no questions on the report, and it was deemed passed by Commander Woods.
    • Finance – Finance Officer Kelly was out of town on business, and unable to attend. Commander Woods distributed printed copies of the operational account to the members present, and explained the balances. Note: Balances are not reported here, but members of Post 229 can contact Commander Woods with any questions.
    • State of the District/County Report- Commander Woods gave the report for District 12 and Madison County.  Commander Woods stated that there will be a State Convention coming in October, but did not have the exact dates. Commander Woods also stated that Legionnaires Marlyce Cook and Odri Hastings had volunteered to be Service Officers for Post 229, and the training is being scheduled.  Commander Woods advised all members that Legionnaires Cook and Hastings  are only acting in advisory rolls pending training and that they cannot be held liable in wrong on something.  Commander Woods also invited Legionnaire Anthony Bush to speak briefly about services offered by Sill Serving Vets. Legionnaire Bush advised the Still Serving Vets handles VA and disability benefits, and employment searches for veterans.  Recently, the assisted six veterans obtain all total almost $1Million in back pay benefits.  Veterans can contact Still Serving Vets at 256-883-7035, and hours are 0800-1630.
    • NAVFOC- No Report
    • DAV- No Report
    • Committees Reports-
      • Americanism Committee- Legionnaire McKinney reported that this year’s awards are complete with the presentation of Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.  Legionnaire McKinney stated that next year he would like to expand the program to name a Fire Fighter of the Tear, but that both awards would need to be presented in time for consideration at State and National levels.  The motion to include a Fire Fighter of the Year was made by Legionnaire Vannoy, and seconded by Past Commander Dow.  The motion was passed by all present. Legionnaire Cobb agreed with the suggestion speaking in his capacity as Madison Fire Chief.
      • Membership Committee- No report was made, but Commander Woods stressed the reasons for continued membership and strong recruiting.
      • Monument Committee- Legionnaire Haugen reported that that there was one vendor that declined to bid on replacing the monument.  Bids are expected in before the October meeting, and Legionnaire Haugen should have them all at the meeting.  Legionnaire Tepper stated that the monument should have something prominent saying that it is erected by Post 229.

·         Unfinished Business
o    Madison Street Festival- Adjutant Pruett reported that he and Legionnaire Hastings had approached Buffalo Rock about possibly donation, since they are a vending machine supplier and have Pepsi products.  Buffalo Rock had not replied by meeting time.  Adjutant Pruett reported that he also approached Halsey Food Service for support.  Halsey Food Service advised that they had reached their cap for donations, but that they could offer Post 229 a good price break on everything but sodas.  Adjutant Pruett reported that planning for 300 Walking Tacos, Halsey prices would cost $639.51, and selling for $4.00 (drink not included) would gain $560.49 profit.  Discussion was made to raise the quantity to 400 Walking Tacos, and refigure cost/profit accordingly.  The plan is now to sell 400 of the Walking Taco and canned soda for $5.00.  The motion was made to allow up to $750 for expenses by Legionnaire Anthony Bush, seconded by Legionnaire Tepper, and passed by all present.
o    Security of Post- Commander Woods stated that he has asked Legionnaire James Vance to serve as Co-Sergeant of Arms for when Sergeant of Arms Mike Marcel is unable to attend, and he agreed.  Commander Woods stated that Sergeant of Arms Marcel is a licensed instructor in self-defense and could offer classes for the members.  Commander Woods will speak with Madison Police Chief to determine the legality of any classes that Sergeant of Arms Marcel offers.  Discussion was tabled until a later meeting.
o    Post Service Officers- This has previously been address under District/County Reports.
o    Flags in Harvest Area- Commander Woods stated that Adjutant Pruett had raised the issue of placing flags in Harvest cemeteries on Veterans Day and Memorial.  Adjutant Pruett stated that Post 229 had multiple members that reside in Harvest, and we need to increase our visibility there as well.  The cemeteries would be work in starting Memorial Day 2016.  Second Vice-Commander McGahey and Adjutant will work to contact people over the Harvest cemeteries, and seek permission.  Second Vice-Commander will also contact a Boy Scout Troup about scheduling a flag disposal ceremony in the near future.
o    Poppies- the Poppy Give-Away is scheduled for 7 and 8 of November.  The locations are the Wal-Mart on Hwy 20, Wal-Mart on Hwy 72, and Neighborhood Wal-Mart on Wall-Triana Hwy.  Commander Woods stated that we will need 9 people per shift, and 24 people total.  This allows for 3 people at the lager Wal-Marts and 2 at Neighborhood Wal-Mart.
o    New Member Initiation- Commander Woods stated that Post 229 needs to start conduction the official induction ceremony for new members.  Commander Woods suggested using the short ceremony in the American Legion Officers Handbook, conduction the ceremony quarterly, and giving new members a lapel/hat pin.
o    Post Home Committee- Legionnaire Vannoy will chair a committee to research a post home, and Legionnaires Mike Marcel, Jerry Tepper, and Bill Petit will serve on the committee.  The committee members will approach the City of Madison for suggested locations, review rentable/Lease properties located in Madison city limits.
o    Storage Building- It was reported that the roof of the storage building needs repair.  Legionnaire Kleinjung estimated the cost of repairs at $1,000, and is mainly materials. The motion to allow the funds needed was made by Past Commander Dow, and seconded by Adjutant Pruett, and passed.  A motion to take the funds from the Memorial Fund, and replace after the Madison Street Festival was made by Legionnaire Vannoy, seconded by Legionnaire Anthony Bush, and passed by all present.

·         New Business
o  Patriots Day Fire/Police Department Breakfast- Even to be held on 11 September 2015 from 0700 until 0900. Location is Fire Station #2 at 1115 Hughes Road.  Chief Cobb requested to park at Trinity Baptist Church if able.
o  9/11 Honor Walk, Remember, Heal, Celebrate- Location is U.S. Space and Rocket Center. Date is 12 September 2015. Time 1400-1700. To register contact the Space and Rocket Center at rocketcenter.com/honorwalk.
·         Open to Floor
o  Legionnaire McKinney stated that Post 229 recognition plaques for James Clemmons High School and to recognize Boy Scout Troup 201 for their continued support should be approximately $40.  A motion was made to allow up to $150 for recognition by Adjutant Pruett, seconded by Second Vice-Commander McGahey, and passed by all present.
o  Legionnaire Anthony Bush stated that American Legion Riders had formed for all posts in Madison County, but had to form under Post 237.  Any Legionnaire that rides a motorcycle is welcome to join and attend.
o  Wounded Warriors are coming to Huntsville soon.  More information will be forthcoming.  The presence of all Legionnaires is requested.  Expected attendance is 300.
o  Adjutant Pruett read two thank you card to Post 229.  They were from Kids to Love for the donation, and the widow of Legionnaire Homer Jackson for the attendance and Honor Guard at Legionnaire Jackson’s funeral.

·         Adjournment-
o    Commander Woods adjourned the meeting at 2028 Hrs.
For the Good of the Legion