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October 2015 Meeting Minutes

·         Call to Order
The meeting of American Legion Post 229 was called to order by Commander Woods. Opening prayer was offered by Commander Woods, due to Chaplain Spears absence.  Legionnaire in attendance were Commander Carlos Woods, Second Vice-Commander Bill McGahey, Adjutant Douglas Pruett, Finance Officer Leondra Kelley, Judge Advocate Mario Ventura, Sergeant of Arms Mike Marcel, Past Commander Carl Dow, Legionnaires Lester Barnard, Reginald Belton, Richard Blanton, Cherish Croft, Edward Durst, Odri Hastings, Jim Haugen, Quenessa Olney, Edward Peterson, Billy Petit, Max Riddle, Louis Rizzo, James Rogers, Jerry Tepper, Scott Turbiner, Larry Vannoy, Shirley Vargas, Earl Watts, Lelia Woods, Joann Holman, and guest Juan Gomez.

·         Approval of Previous Minutes 
A motion was made by Second Vice-Commander McGahey and seconded by Legion Rizzo to accept the minutes as posted on line.  Commander Woods opted to have the minutes read, due to number of new legionnaires present, and there were no objections.  Adjutant Pruett read the minutes of the September meeting.  A motion to accept was made by Legionnaire Turbiner, seconded by Legionnaire Hunter, and passed by all present.

·         Reports
o    Sick and Shut-In: Commander Woods mentions two members of the post that were absence due to illness or injury.  Those member will not be named herein, due to possible HIPA violations.
o    Adjutant: Adjutant Pruett reported that Post 229 stands at 70.6% dues renewed, and this was a 10% increase from September. We currently have 245 total members, 143 renewed, 13 Paid Up For Life, and 88 remaining to renew.  Adjutant Pruett encouraged all legionnaires to renew their dues before January 2016 to avoid the increase.  Adjutant Pruett Also recognized new members to Post 229 as Wilfred Lewis, Terry Jones, Bessie Breedlove, Michael Potter, Max Riddle, Antoine Denson, Dewey Granger, Earl Watts, Ray Barnes, and Ed Rogers.
o    Finance: Finance Officer Kelley gave the report and explained all deposits and withdrawals for the post accounts.  Finance Officer Kelley specifically explained the cost of food and drinks for the Madison Street Festival, and that we did make a small net profit for the Street Festival. Note: Balances are not reported here, but members of Post 229 can contact Commander Woods with any questions.
o    State of the District/County Report: There was no District Report made, but Commander Woods and Second Vice-Commander McGahey made the County Report.  Commander Woods reported that the commanders of all Madison County Post had met, and will continue to work together on matter of concern. Post 237 cannot continue to pay the largest share of sending people to Boys State and the post commanders are working on a cost sharing plan to be fair to all posts.  The Oratorical Contest normally has very few members at post level.  The Oratorical Contest will be held for Madison County, and all post submit speakers directly there. This will allow greater cost sharing, save each post money, and expedite getting the winner submitted to the District level.  Commander Woods is working on a plan to have a recruiting drive to increase the membership of all posts in Madison County.
o    NAVFOC:  No report was made, but Commander Woods did explain what the NAVFOC does for veterans in the area
o    DAV: No report
o    Committees Reports:
§  Americanism Committee: No report was given, due to no members of the committee being present.  Commander Woods did state that he is planning the presentation of donations and plaques to the high school JROTC soon.

§  Membership Committee:  The Department of Alabama has advised that the membership dues actually run concurrent with the calendar year, not July-June as always thought.  Dues will be going up on National level by $5.00 in January 2016, and State level by $5.00 in January 2017.  Commander Woods proposed raising Post 229 dues to $45.00 in January 2016 to avoid the back-to-back raising of dues.  The motion was made by Past Commander Dow, seconded by Legionnaire Rizzo, and past by all present.  Starting in January 2016 Post 229 dues will be $45.00.
§  Monument Committee:  Legionnaires Haugen and Barnard presented
§  Post Home Committee based the bids for monument replacement on the assumption that all names on the monument are accurate, with not additions.  Discussion was made that the only names that should be on the monument are killed in Action and those awarded the Medal of Honor.  Legionnaires Haugen and Barnard also advised that Post 229 will be responsible for removing the existing monument and pouring the proper concrete base for the new monument. The large 5 panel plan from Clark Memorial is for black and gray granite for $39,862, but that Clark can make the monument from all gray granite for $35,711.  The second bid is for a three panel plan from Clark Memorial for $24,783.  This plan would be black granite center with gray on both side panels. The emblems of all five branches of the military would be on the center panel. The final bid was from Sparkman Marble and Granite.  The bidder did not present any measurements or design options, but only a very rough diagram of the basic design plan.  The bid from Sparkman was for $37,000, and marble would be more expensive.  Legionnaire Tepper stressed that the monument should include that it is being placed by Post 229.
§  Post Home Committee: Legionnaire Vannoy reported that he has made good contact with all of the committee members, and they will have their first meeting coming soon. Commander informed the membership that Legionnaire Bill Petit is a member of this committee. Bill Petit has already start looking for vacant facilities. Mr. Petit will provide this report to chairman Vannoy. Further discussion and plans to vote on one of these bids should occur at our next meeting.

·         Unfinished Business
§  Madison Street Festival Committee: Adjutant Pruett stated that the cost to post members for left over items were $.50 per bag of Doritos, %2.20 per 12pack of sodas, and $4.00 per case of water.  This is recouping the post cost only, and not making any profit.  The other aspects of the Street Festival finances were covered in the Finance Officer Report, and were not repeated here for brevity. Post 229 did get 1 new recruit, 1 transfer, the idea of Walking Tacos was proven good, and the post did make a small profit.  Overall, the Street Festival is considered a success.
o    Security of Post: Skipped for brevity
o    Service Officers Training: Skipped for brevity
o    Placing of Flag/Picking Up Flags (2nd Vice)
o    Poppy Giveaway 7th and 8th  November 2015
§  Three Locations:
·         Wal-Mart Hwy 20
·         Wal-Mart Hwy 72
·         Wal-Mart, Wall Triana
§  Three shifts, two hours each 10 AM to 4 PM
§  We will need 24 members each day.
§  Three Members on each Shift at Wal-Mart on HWY 20 & 72
§   Wal-Mart, Wall Triana Two member on each two hour shift.
§  Contact Commander Woods to sign up

·         New Business
o    New Members Initiation startup
§  All New From 1 July 2015 to Present
§  Plans to notify these new Members
o    Storage Roof needs repairs, Cost $1000.00.
o    Open to the Floor Membership for suggestions for Post Activities:
Adjutant Pruett presented recruiting hat pins to Legionnaires Edward Hunter and Cherish Croft in recognition of having at least one new member to the American Legion since July 2015.  Adjutant Pruett presented a pin to Commander Woods for getting more that 5 new members to the American Legion since July 2015.  These totals are for new members only, and do not include transfers.  Adjutant Pruett apologized to Sergeant of Arms Marcell for running out of pins, and him not being recognized.

·         Adjournment
No members had anything else to discuss, so Commander Woods adjourned the meeting at 2020 hrs.

For the Good of the Legion