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Regular Post meetings occur on the second Thursday of each month in Madison, AL. Please contact us for details

December 2015 Meeting Minutes

·         Call to Order
The meeting of American Legion Post 229 was called to order by Commander Woods. Opening prayer was offered by Chaplain Spears.  Legionnaire in attendance were Commander Carlos Woods, 2nd Vice Bill McGahey, Finance Officer Leondra Kelley, Chaplain Ricky Spears, Sergeant of Arms Mike Marcel, Past commander Hollis Bridges, Legionnaires Lester Barnard, Trent Bennett, Michael Gronkowski, Scott Turbiner, Earl Watts, Bill Petit, Oscar Draper, Yvette Torbert, Larry Vannoy, New Member, Richard Jones (Transfer).

·         Approval of Previous Minutes 
Commander asked members if they had read the 12 November 2015 Minutes on line. All present had read. Commander Woods asked if there were any questions or any correction concerning the 12 November 2015 Minutes. There were none. Commander Woods declared Minutes were accepted as posted and printed.

·         Reports
o    Sick and Shut-In: Commander Woods that the 1st Vice and Adjutant absence due to illness. Commander Woods stated that the Judge Advocate was absence due to the passing of his Brother-in-law and had departed to Indiana.
o    Adjutant:  Due Adjutant Pruett absence Commander Woods provided the Adjutant report. Commander Woods report that our Post is present at 87.7%. The 87.7 % is based on a membership post number of 197 members. Our records show we have 255 members. We show all 255 members in our Alabama State membership system. We still have 50 members who have not renewed their membership for 2016.  We hope that these 50 members renew their membership before January 20, 2016. Commander Woods stated that he would personally send out emails and make personal telephone call to many of these members prior to the 20 January 2016 cutoff for renewals. Many of these members that have not renewed are members that transferred in from the holding post and have not had any personal contact with our Post.
o    Finance: Finance Officer Kelley gave the report and explained all deposits and withdrawals for the post accounts.  The Financial Report was motion to accept his report by Legionnaire Gronkowski and second by the 2nd Vice Commander McGahey. Financial Report was properly voted on and passed.  Note: Balances are not reported here, but members of Post 229 can contact Commander Woods with any questions.
o    State of the District/County Report: There was no District Report made, but Commander Woods made the County Report.  Commander Woods, who is also the Madison County Commander reported that the commanders of all Madison County Posts are working together to conduct one Madison County wide Oratorical Contest. This Contest will be held on 30 January 2016, at 9 AM to approximately 3 PM. The Oratorical Contest will be held at the Madison City Municipal Court House. We need Volunteers, 5 Judges, 3 for the contest and two as alternates; 5 each Tabulators three for contest and 2 Alternates; 3 time keepers two for contest and one alternate and 6 Ushers.  We had the following members volunteer at the meeting, Lester Barnard, Bill McGahey, Trent Bennett. As you see we still need serveral more volunteers, 5 Judges we hope we can get some community leaders to be judges and 8 more volunteers. If you would like to be a part or know a community leader that would be a judge for our contest. Our Post will also provide the medals for the winners and $200.00 of the $600.00 award funds. All these items were properly motioned and voted on and received approval of the members in attendance.
o    NAVFOC:  It was reported the NAVFOC has been very active during this Veteran Day celebration week aiding with such programs as the 50th Vietnam Anniversary, YMCA Veteran Breakfast, AUSA Sponsor Veterans Dinner, and Veteran Day Breakfast, both held at the Von Brun Center and last the Huntsville Veteran Day Parade. Our Post was an active participant in all of these events since were are members of the NAVFOC. Special Thanks to Past Commander Carl Dow and 2nd Vice Commander Bill McGahey for their held in the events.
o    DAV: Past Commander Hollis Bridges reported that the DAV has a full time service officer that is co-located at the Alabama Service Assistance Program (ASAP), 1004 Jordan Lane, Huntsville, Alabama, Telephone: 256-203-2680. Past Commander Bridges also reported the new VA Clinic located at 500 Markaview Road NW, Huntsville, Alabama is operational.
Committees Reports:
§  Americanism Committee: Commander Woods reported that he and Americanism Committee Chairman Tom McKinney awarded Bob Jones and James Clemens JROTC their annual $250 donation and presented both JROTC’s a plague for the outstanding support of our post functions and events. We also presented Sparkman High School JROTC with their $250.00 donation.  Commander Woods requested their support in our Memorial Day Ceremony coming in May 2016. Sparkman JROTC has not accepted at this time.
§  Membership Committee:   Starting in 20 January 2016 Post 229 dues will be $45.00. It was reported we still need 50 members to renew their membership for 2016. Members can renew by going to www.legion.org . We have signed up 34 new members for 2016 year. We hope that the members that have not renewed will continue their membership in our post, the American Legion and its fight to represent all veterans.
§  Monument Committee: No report on the Monument Committee due the vote that passed approving that we will buy the Monument from Clarke Monument. We must now raise the funds. We can only purchase if we raise the funds.  Commander Woods and Finance Officer Kelley are working Post documentation prior to going out asking for donation from the community.
§  Post Home Committee: Chairman Larry Vannoy presented no significant change in status.  The committee obtained a copy of National's handout entitled, "Post Operations Manual and Post Building Guide".  The committee will review this document and report key notes from it in the coming meeting.
·         Unfinished Business
o    Service Officers Training: Commander Woods explained that two members of our post has volunteered to become Service Officers. Training will begin on 17 December 2015, time 6 PM at the Madison City Municipal Court Conference Room. Training will be conducted by 2nd District Commander Kevin Walker. Next class is 21 January 2016, time 6 PM. If other members would like to take part contact Commander Woods.
o    Placing of Wreaths will be conducted on 12 December 2015 time 9 AM to be lead by 2nd Vice Commander Bill McGahey. Bob Jones and James Clemens High School JROTC and Boys Scout Troop 201 stated they will provide support. Commander Woods reported that numerous members of the Madison Community stated they will come out to help. We will pick up wreaths on 9 January 2016 at 9 AM. Volunteers are needed.
o    New Members Initiation was conducted with only one new member present, Legionnaire Earl Watts. The new Member Initiation was completed by Commander Woods and Chaplain Ricky Spears. Commander Woods will send an email to all new members that need to take the new members oath in an email.
o    Commander Woods’ stated new committee needs to be established. If you would like to be a Chairman and or members of these committees please contact him.
§  Boys State Committee
·         New Business
o    Election of New Adjutant: We will be accepting nomination and electing a new Adjutant. Our Adjutant Doug Pruett will step down due to health reasons. See the Duties below:
The adjutant’s job
The adjutant has the same position in the post as the secretary of any other organized body, and a bit more. The adjutant is like the first sergeant of the company, around whom all post activities revolve. Many posts find it wise to retain a good adjutant in office over a period of years. Likewise, a good post will recognize when it is time to change adjutants. The adjutant may provide continuity in the post. While the commander’s duties are largely inspirational and executive, an adjutant’s duties are administrative. The commander navigates the ship, but the adjutant is the engineer who runs the ship’s machinery and keeps the vessel on an even keel. He or she is the personnel officer and personal point of contact for individual members of the post. The adjutant keeps membership records and minutes of meetings, checks up on and assists the work of other officers and
Committees, and publishes official orders, announcements and instructions.
The adjutant’s office should be a clearing-house for all post activities. The adjutant assists new officers and committees in getting started with their work and provides direction to their endeavors. Help is not the same as interference.

Suggestions for the adjutant
The only indispensable qualifications are honesty and willingness. The adjutant should obtain a set of post account books (consult the current Emblem Sales catalog for description and prices). These require no special knowledge of bookkeeping. The new adjutant should go through all post records at the earliest opportunity. The constitution and by-laws, minutes of meetings, and reports of officers and committees will give insight into the post’s policies and traditions. Communication from department headquarters and National Headquarters will provide additional information and instructions. Department headquarters and staff can be your most useful tools as an adjutant.
For meeting minutes, a loose-leaf binder that will hold letter-size sheets is recommended. Minutes should be typed, printed and inserted in the binder. When the binder is full, the contents should be kept as a permanent record of activities. All reports of officers and committees should be included in the minutes of the meeting to which they are submitted to assure they are made part of the permanent record.

Bulletins and periodicals
Members will inquire about everything that concerns their connection with The American Legion. Your job is to satisfy them. The adjutant can convey information and instructions to them through a regular series of post bulletins.
Communicate! A complete file of The American Legion Magazine and department and post periodicals, if any are published, should be kept and bound in annual volumes. Dispatch is sent to the post adjutant monthly and after the National Executive Committee’s spring and Fall Meetings (see Dispatch, page 27). Keep these for reference. Bulletins are periodically mailed to post commanders and adjutants. The adjutant should forward applicable information to each post committee chair. Your department headquarters’ only official contact with the post is through the commander and adjutant. The adjutant should read all communications received from department headquarters and National Headquarters to keep abreast of what is going on, and that information should be communicated to your post membership.
o    Commander Woods stated that the Madison Record Newspaper, reporter Greg Parker is running a column in their newspaper called “Veteran of The Week,” Mr. Parker has asked Commander Woods to ask our Madison Community veterans, especially our members, if they would like to be featured. If you would like to be featured please provide Commander Woods your name, telephone number and email address. You must live in the City of Madison. The article will center on your military career to now.
·         Adjournment
No members had anything else to discuss, so Commander Woods adjourned the meeting at 2010 hrs.
For the Good of the Legion