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November 2015 Meeting Minutes

·         Call to Order
The meeting of American Legion Post 229 was called to order by Commander Woods at 1900 Hrs. Opening prayer was offered by Chaplain Spears.  Legionnaire in attendance were Commander Carlos Woods, Finance Officer Leondra Kelley, Chaplain Ricky Spears, Judge Advocate Mario Ventura, Sergeant of Arms Mike Marcel, Past Commander Carl Dow, Legionnaires Ray Barnes, Edward Durst, Jim Haugen, Mike Leech, Quenessa Oney, James Rogers, Jerry Tepper, Scott Turbiner, Vic van Leeuwen, Earl Watts, Joann Holman.

·         Approval of Previous Minutes 
Commander asked members if they had read the 8 October 2015 Minutes on line. All present had read. Commander Woods asked if there were any questions or any correction concerning the 8 October 2015 Minutes. There were none. Commander Woods declared Minutes were accepted as posted and printed.

·         Reports
o    Sick and Shut-In: Commander Woods mentions three members of the post that were absence due to illness or injury.  Those member will not be named herein, due to possible HIPA violations.
o    Adjutant:  Due Adjutant Pruett absence Commander Woods provided the Adjutant report. Commander Woods report that our Post is present at 85.8%. We still have 60 member who have not renewed their membership for 2016. New have signed up 31 new member since 1 July 2015.  We hope that the 60 members renew their membership before January 2016.
o    Finance: Finance Officer Kelley gave the report and explained all deposits and withdrawals for the post accounts.  Finance Officer Kelley specifically explained that our Veterans Weekend Poppy Giveaways did very well. Thank you to our Madison Community for their support.  Finance Officer provided the membership with the balances our accounts. Note: Balances are not reported here, but members of Post 229 can contact Commander Woods with any questions.
o    State of the District/County Report: There was no District Report made, but Commander Woods made the County Report.  Commander Woods, who is also the Madison County Commander reported that the commanders of all Madison County Post are working together to conduct one Madison County wide Oratorical Contest. This Contest will be held on 30 January 2016, at 9 AM. Commander Woods has requested the use of the Madison City Municipal Court House as our contest location. We will need Volunteers and we will need to contribute funds for the contestant awards.
o    NAVFOC:  It was reported the NAVFOC has been very active during this Veteran Day celebration week aiding with such programs as the 50th Vietnam Anniversary, YMCA Veteran Breakfast, AUSA Sponsor Veterans Dinner, and Veteran Day Breakfast, both held at the Von Brun Center and last the Huntsville Veteran Day Parade. Our Post was an active participant in all of these events since were are members of the NAVFOC. Special Thanks to Past Commander Carl Dow and 2nd Vice Commander Bill McGahey for their held in the events.
o    DAV: No report
o    Committees Reports:
§  Americanism Committee: No report was given, due to no members of the committee being present.  Commander Woods did state that he is planning the presentation of donations and plaques to the high school JROTC soon.
§  Membership Committee:   Starting in January 2016 Post 229 dues will be $45.00.
§  Monument Committee: As state in our 8 October 2015 meeting tonight a vote on a replacement monument would be vote on at this meeting. Commander Woods explained that there we three bids, one from Clark Memorial for $39,862 and another from Clarke  for a smaller version at a cost of $24,783. The Third bid did not comply with the requirements and Bidder did not complete their bid. All discussions on these bids were provided at the 8 October 2015 meeting. Some questions were asked by the membership those question were answer. A motion came from the floor by legionnaire Van van Leeuewn, he move that our post take action to acquire and have installed a new monument, not to exceed $40,000 in Cost (Clark Memorial monument $39,862), in the Madison veteran’s Parking pending the required funding. It was second by Past Commander Carl Dow. Questions were asked and voice vote taken it was passed with only one no vote. 
§  Post Home Committee: Chairman Larry Vannoy was not present for the meeting. Committee member Sgt of Arms, Mike Marcel provided a report. Mike stated that the committee had met and will continue to meet on the first Thursday of the month.  The committee is in a fact finding mission currently.  The committee intends to provide members with a questionnaire to help shape the post home objectives.  The first milestone will be a proposed budget that will be used when searching for capital and recurring assets that supports long-term operation.
·         Unfinished Business
o    Service Officers Training: Commander Woods explained that two member of our post has volunteered to become Service Officers. Training is pending trying to find a place for the training. Training will be conducted by 2nd District Commander Walker. Dates to be announced.
o    Placing of Flag/Picking up Flags, was conducted on 7 November 2015 lead by 2nd Vice Commander Bill McGahey. Commander McGahey report that special thanks should be given to Bob Jones JROTC for the number of Cadets that attended and made the Posting of flags successful. Thanks to our post members and those of the community that volunteered. We will continue with the removal of flags and the placing of wreaths. Date to be announced projected to be 5 December 2015, time 9 AM.
o    Poppy Giveaway 7th and 8th November 2015 was very successful we reach our goal. The amount of donations collected was reported during the meeting.  Thanks to all that stood out in rain and made this Giveaways successful. Hope to see more volunteers in May 2016 for Memorial Day.
o    New Members Initiation startup was not preform due to absence of Adjutant. We will conduct the New Members Initiation at our 10 December 2015.  If you are a member that became a member during 1 Jul2015 to now you will be included.
o    Commander Woods stated two new committee needs to be established. If you would like to be a Chairman and or members of these committees please contact him.
§  Boys State Committee
§  Oratorical Contest Committee
·         Adjournment
No members had anything else to discuss, so Commander Woods adjourned the meeting at 1955 Hrs.

o    For the Good of the Legion