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January 2016 Minutes

·         Approval of Previous Minutes 
Commander asked members if they had read the 10 December 2015 Minutes on line or by email. All present had read. Commander Woods asked if there were any questions or any correction concerning the 12 November 2015 Minutes. There were one by Legionnaire Tom McKinney, that he stated that our Post had awarded Boys Scout Troop 201 a plaque for their outstanding participation but on review this entry will be including in these minutes due it awards on 12 December 2015 two days after our December 2015 meeting. The minutes were motioned for approval by Bill Petit and Second by Bill McGahey. Minute was voted on and approved by members present.

·         Reports
o    Sick and Shut-In: Commander Woods that the 1st Vice and Adjutant absence due to illness. Commander also reported that Chaplain Ricky Spears was in Alaska due to his daughter surgery.
o    Adjutant:  Due Adjutant resignation. Commander Woods has been performing the duties of Adjutant. Commander Woods reported that our Post is present at 101.7%. The 1101.7 % is based on a Post membership number of 197 members. Our records show we have 255 members. We show all 255 members in our Alabama State membership system. We still have 40 members who have not renewed their membership for 2016.  We hope that these 40 members renew. Commander Woods stated that he has personally send out emails and make personal telephone call to many of these members prior to the 20 January 2016 cutoff for renewals. Many of these members that have not renewed are members that transferred in from the holding post and have not had any personal contact with our Post. Note: Membership runs from 1 January to 31 December. The new 2017 card renewal starts I July 2016. Members will get a renewal request from national office in July, October, January, March and May. Once you renew these notices will stop. Your magazine stops on 31 December if not renewed.
o    Finance: Finance Officer Kelley gave the report and explained all deposits and withdrawals for the post accounts.  The Financial Report was motioned to accepted and approved by the members present.
o    State of the District/County Report: There was no District Report made, but Commander Woods made the County Report.  See Madison County Oratorical Contest.
o    NAVFOC:  No report from NAVFOC.
o    DAV:  No Report.
o    Committees Reports:
§  Americanism Committee: Committee Chairman Tom McKinney report that the Post Awarded Boys Scout Troop 201 and plaque for it outstanding support at our placing of Wreaths that was held on 12 December. Chairman McKinney stated that he will begin working toward finding and outstanding Law Enforcement Officer and Fireman of the year for 2016. Since this was approved last year and annual award no approval was required during his search for candidates.
§  Membership Committee:   Starting in 20 January 2016 Post 229 dues will be $45.00. It was reported we still need 40 members to renew their membership for 2016. Members can renew by going to www.legion.org . We have signed up 34 new members for 2016 year. We hope that the members that have not renewed will continue their membership in our post, the American Legion and its fight to represent all veterans.
§  Monument Committee: Commander woods stated that he and Finance Officers has been working on post documentation and are very close to having all documentation on hand so the Post can proceed in asking our community for tax exempt donation for our project such as the rebuild of our Monument and our Post home.
§  Post Home Committee: Chairman Larry Vannoy presented no significant change in status.  The committee obtained a copy of National's handout entitled, "Post Operations Manual and Post Building Guide".  The committee will review this document and report key notes from it in the coming meeting.
·         Unfinished Business
o    Election of New Adjutant: Election for new Adjutant was open for our vacant Adjutant position. Two candidates were nominated Larry Vannoy and Earl Watts. Larry Vannoy was nominated by Carl Dow and second by Bill McGahey and Earl Watts was nominated by Mike Marcel and second by Tom McKinney. Both candidates were given a chance to address the membership. Larry Vannoy won the election. Larry Vannoy is our new Adjutant.
o    Service Officers Training: Service Officers training will continue we have two members of our Post are taking this training. This training is open to any of our members that want to attend. Next meeting is 18 February 2016, Time 6 pm to 7:30 pm, Where Madison City Municipal court House Conference room, main floor. Contact Commander Woods if you would like to attend.
o    Placing of Wreaths: Placing of Wreaths was conducted on 12 December 2015 time 9 AM lead by 2nd Vice Commander Bill McGahey. Bob Jones and James Clemens High School JROTC and Boys Scout Troop 201mmunity member to include Madison City Councilman President Mr. Tommy Overcash and wife. Great Best ever turn out by the community.
o    Picking Up Wreaths: On 9 January 2016 special thanks to the outstanding Boys Scout Troop 201 and their Scout Master, Mr. William Rice and his staff. Without the Boys Scouts and a few of our members and their family it would have been a long task. Thank for everyone support.
o    New Members Initiation: New members Initiation was not conducted.
o    Madison County Oratorical Contest: Commander Woods, who is also the Madison County Commander reported that the commanders of all Madison County Posts will conduct our first Madison County Wide Oratorical Contest. This Contest will be held on 30 January 2016, at 9 AM to approximately 3 PM. The Oratorical Contest will be held at the Madison City Municipal Court House. We have our 5 Judges for the contest, 2 each Tabulators, 2 time keepers, 6 Escorts/Ushers.  We had the following members volunteer to volunteer, Judges, Mike Potter, Madison City Councilman 4th district/ Member Post 229, chief Ralph Cobb, Chief, Madison City Fire Department/ Member 229, Mr. Terry Lin, Commander American Legion Post 201, Huntsville, Paulette Risher General Retired, USAF/ of the Still Serving Veteran Office in Huntsville, and Ms. Sandra Griffin, Retired School Teacher, Huntsville School System. Other outstanding Volunteers are: !2th District American Legion Commander/Past commander of Post 229, Jeremy Blevins and member of Post 201; Lester Barnard, Bill McGahey, Trent Bennett, Mike Gronkowski, Bill Petit, James Vance, Earl Watts, Commander Woods all of Post 229, Malcom Brasher, Elizabeth Johnson, Kathy Robinson of Post 351; and Richard Marquith of Post 237. As you see we have members from most of our Madison County American Legion Post. Our Post will also provide the medals for the winners. Our Madison County Posts will all contribute to the award funds of $600.00. All these items were properly motioned and voted on and received approval of the members in attendance.
·         New Business
o    The Madison Record is looking for veterans that have a Madison City address to feature in their “Veteran of the Week” column. They would like to write up a small article about veteran in the Madison city that have served their country. Please support the Madison Record by provide me your name and I will provide it to Reporter Greg Parker who will submit the article. We can you this to help advertise you and our post.
o    Commander Woods’ stated new committee needs to be established. If you would like to be a Chairman and or members of these committees, please contact him.
§  Memorial Day Ceremony Committee
§  Boys State Committee
§  Veteran Park Monument Fund Committee (Rebuild)

·         Adjournment
No members had anything else to discuss, so Commander Woods adjourned the meeting at 2015 hrs.

For the Good of the Legion