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Regular Post meetings occur on the second Thursday of each month in Madison, AL. Please contact us for details

March 2016 Meeting Minutes

Dinner: The American Legion Post 229 was held at the IHOP located on Hwy 72 West starting at 6 pm. During the diner Commander Woods updated Legionnaires, wives and friends of the Post 2015 accomplishments and showed slide shows of these events.
The Dinner was a success. The Post is considering having the dinner /meeting for legionnaires, wives, friends and potential members on a quarterly basis.

Call to Order

The meeting of American Legion Post 229 was called to order by Commander Woods. Opening prayer was offered by post Chaplain Ricky Spears. Legionnaire in attendance were Commander Carlos Woods, Past Commander Carl Dow, Vice Bill McGahey, Adjutant Larry Vannoy, Deputy Sgt­of­Arms James Vance, Max Riddle and wife Amanda Riddle, Jerry Tepper and wife Barbara, Dewey Cockman, Lelia Woods, Kenneth Epps and wife Virginia, Ricky Spears and wife Phyllis, Louis Rizzo and brother, Wendell, Bill Pettit, Larry Frakes, Ray Barnes, Marlyce Cook, Serelda Ventura, Mario Ventura, Angela Thomas, Richard Thomas, Aiyaha Thomas and Richard Jones. Angela Thomas and Richard Thomas joined our Post on this night.

Approval of Previous Minutes

Commander asked the meeting attendees if all had the opportunity to review the published meeting and if there were any corrections. No corrections or clarifications were made.


Sick and Shut­In: Tom McKinney’s wife had surgery and is recovering.

Adjutant: Commander Woods stated that he would make the Adjutant report due to the newly elected Adjutant begin just assigned the duty. The post membership is currently at 107% according to the state but there remains a discrepancy on the true percentage of membership.

Finance: Finance Officer Kelley was absent. Commander Woods stated that most of the recent expenses were associated with the JROTC medals and wreaths storage containers.  Financial report was accepted and voted on and passed.

State Report:  Nothing to report

District/County Report:

Alabama State Headquarters has asked Commander Woods to be the Division Commander for District 1 for recruiting. Commander woods has not accepted this position at this time. This will be additional duties if he accept.

North Alabama Veterans Coalition (NAVFOC):  No report from NAVFOC.

Disabled Veterans (DAV):  No Report.

Committees Reports:

                Memorial Day/Week:
Bill McGahey spoke on events planned for Memorial Day         Weekend leading up to Memorial Day and Memorial Day itself.
o       The Memorial Day Ceremony to be held at our Madison Veteran Park, the corner of Front and Church Street, Madison, Alabama. Date and time of the event is 30 May 2016, 11:00 AM.  We are looking for volunteers to help with the planning and setup that will start earlier in the day.
o       We will honor our fallen veteran by placing US flags at three Madison Commentaries. We will be meeting at Memorial Gardens, located on Hughes Road by the Madison City Municipal Courthouse. We will meet on Saturday, 28 may 2016, time 9 AM in the parking lot.
o       We will also have our Poppy Giveaway on 28th and 29th May 2016. Poppies will be given out at three Walmart locations, Hwy 20 and Hwy 72 in Madison, Walmart Market, Wall Tirana in Harvest, Alabama. Hours are 10am until 4 PM on both days. Commander Woods will be sending out a signup sheet. We need your help, contact Commander Woods at email: woodscarlos12@gmail.com , telephone: Remember all our funds are used in Madison County.

                Americanism Committee: Committee Chairman Tom McKinney was not present, however the status remains that he is working on City of Madison firefighter and Police Officer of the Year awards.

                Membership Committee: We have several members that according to our records that have not renewed, Commander Woods is continuing to contact non­renewed members. A reminder was given that fees are going up to $45 starting this year. We need each member to recruit a friend. Commander Woods has sent out the new membership letter and a new application.

                Monument Committee: Commander Woods stated that the current Veteran’s Memorial in downtown Madison is in disrepair and needs to be replaced at the cost of
$39K. Commander Woods informed the members that he has received a copy of the American Legion National Headquarters paperwork that identifies our American Legion Post 229 as a 501­19c non­profit classification also applies to the state. Now that we have this paperwork in hand we can start pursuing organizations and members to help us fund the monument.   We are seeking new members for the Monument Committee,

Sgt of Arms James Vance is our new Committee chairman. We are seeking donations for the monument.

                Post Home Committee: Chairman Larry Vannoy spoke on the progress towards finding a permanent post home. Madison need a place for our veterans. Several locations have been identified, Jerry Tepper and wife Barbara have been doing searches for the owners.  One of those locations, the owner has been contacted but was not interested in making it available to the post.  Others options remain for us to rent or share a facility with another organization. Now that we have the paperwork in hand identifying our post as a non­profit 501­19c, more opportunities to fund raiser have opened up. A draft article has been written for the Madison Living Magazine which is being prepared for release.

Unfinished Business

                Service Officers Training: Training continues at the Madison City Hall with a class coming up next week, the 18 February 2016. We have had two members to participate and Commander Woods. The intent of this training is not to offer advice but rather help facilitate putting together the materials for submission of requests for benefits to the VA.

                New Members Initiation: New members Initiation was not conducted.

                Boys State: Commander Woods stated that this is a week long event where young men get the opportunity to participate in state government. This year 29 May thought 4 June at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Unfortunately we, nor Huntsville Post 237 will be able to pay the participation fees nor the bus trip to Montgomery for Boy’s State unless we are fortunate to find a donor. However, Post 237 is putting on a dinner for the Madison County attendees and their families.  The Madison Counties American Legion Posts are looking for 48 High School Junior Boys to participate.  The Application fee for each young man will be $225 and the bus fare will be $50. We are requesting donations  from business, community and members to pay
$2000.00 for the bus. We are asking for tax exempt donations. If you would like to donate please forward to American Legion Post 229, ATTN: Boys State Bus, PO Box 194, Madison, Al 35758. Make your donation payable to American Legion Post 229.

                Veteran of the Week: The Madison Record newspaper is still looking for Madison City Veterans to feature in their newspaper. It will feature your military career. Contact Commander Woods if you are interested.

New Business

                Post Charter: Commander Woods presented a new copy of our Post Charter that he recently acquired State Headquarters. At the next meeting we would like members to sign it. Come out and get your name on our charter.

               10% Rule on Non­Wartime Veterans Participation: Member Jerry Tepper asked asked about a potential of having up to 10% of the American Legion post could be members but not have been on active duty during wartime. Adjutant Vannoy took the action to investigate.

                Nomination of New Officers 2017: We will nominate new officer for 2017. Come out and run for office and be a part of the process to build our Post.

          Meeting Adjourned time 8:30 pm.