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Regular Post meetings occur on the second Thursday of each month in Madison, AL. Please contact us for details

May 2016 Minutes

Call to Order

The meeting of American Legion Post 229 was called to order by Commander Woods. Opening prayer was offered by Post Chaplain Elect Dewy Cockman. Legionnaire in attendance were Commander Carlos Woods, Past Commander Carl Dow, Past Commander Hollis Bridges, 2nd Vice Bill McGahey, Adjutant Larry Vannoy, Finance Officer Leondra Kelley, Sgt-of-Arms Mike Marcel, Judge Advocate Mario Ventrua,  James Vance, Scott Turbiner, Richard Blanton Jr., Andy Cox, Jerry Tepper, Ed Durst, Tom McKinney, Donald Rice, Kevin Walker, Clyde Roston, Earl Watts.

Commander Woods stated that he would bring the charter to the next meeting in order for post members who have not already signed it, be able to.

Approval of Previous Minutes

Commander asked the meeting attendees if all had the opportunity to review the published meeting and if there were any corrections.  There was one change offered by Adjutant Larry Vannoy, that the listed member having a son in ill health was not Dewy Cockman but rather Richard Jones.  Motion was made to approved the April meeting minutes with suggested changes by Scott Turbiner and was seconded by Bill McGahey.  Vote was called by the commander and was approved by the membership.


·       Sick and Shut­In: Lewis Rizzo is in the hospital.

·       Adjutant:

      Have two new members since last meeting.  Please continue recruiting.  Vannoy also reported that the Consolidated Report has been submitted at the beginning of the month.  This paperwork defines what activities the post accomplished for the year.

·       Finance: Finance Officer Kelley spoke to upcoming expenses including poppies given away during Memorial Day weekend.  Financial report was approved by those present.

·     District 12 / Madison County Report: District Commander Elect, Kevin Walker was recognized by Commander Woods. Commander Walker spoke saying that the Legion Posts working together is going to be his emphasis this coming year.  He is going to have monthly meetings and hopes for representation from all the legion posts.

·       North Alabama Veterans Coalition (NAVFOC: 1st Vice elect James Vance now the post representative to the monthly meeting.  Vance spoke about the many events and members to the coalition.  

·       Disabled Veterans (DAV):  Hollis Bridges spoke about furniture donated from Redstone Arsenal being distributed to veterans.  There is a lot of furniture that has been acquired.

Committees Reports:

·       Memorial Day/Week:

o   The Memorial Day Ceremony is to be held at our Madison Veteran Park, the corner of Front and Church Street, Madison, Alabama. Date and time of the event is 30 May 2016, 11:00 AM.  We are looking for volunteers to help with the planning and setup that will start earlier in the day.  We are still seeking a guest speaker. Setup will start at 8 AM.

o   We will honor our fallen veteran by placing US flags at three Madison Commentaries. We will be meeting at Memorial Gardens, located on Hughes Road by the Madison City Municipal Courthouse. We will meet on Saturday, 21 May 2016, time 9 AM in the parking lot.  Flag pickup will be on the 4th of June at 9 AM, meeting at the Memorial Garden.

o   Poppy Giveaway on 28th and 29th May 2016. Poppies will be given out at three Walmart locations, Hwy 20 and Hwy 72 in Madison, Walmart Market, Wall Tirana in Harvest, Alabama. Hours are 10am until 4 PM on both days. We need your help, contact Commander Woods at email: woodscarlos12@gmail.com , telephone:256­508­6548. Remember all our funds are used in Madison County.

·       Americanism Committee: Tom McKinney talked about the Madison 2015 Police Officer of the Year.  We are not going to submit him for 2015 for the state level award.  Traditionally the state has given the award to a police officer that performed an act of heroism.  We will work more diligently this year to have good candidates for the state award for both police officer of the year and firefighter of the year awards from Madison. Conversations are ongoing with both the Madison Police Chief and Fire Chief.

·        Membership Committee: We are at about 114% of last year’s numbers. 

·       Monument Committee: James Vance, working on getting funding the project.  Seeking $50K.  Had first meeting and are putting together the game plan for approaching businesses for funds.  Looking at getting pavers with the donor’s name on them placed at the park as a fund raiser.

·       Post Home Committee:  Larry Vannoy, committee chairman, shared the magazine article published by Madison Magazine and acknowledged member Jerry Tepper for pulling the article together.   This article will be very useful for fundraising.

·       Fund Raising Committee:  James Vance is seeking ideas and names of companies to approach about donations.

Unfinished Business

Service Officers Training: Training continues at the Madison City Hall. Members Odri Hastings and Marlyce Cook have been attending the training for our post,  The next class is on the 19th of May at Madison City Hall. The intent of this training is not to offer advice but rather help facilitate putting together the materials for submission of requests for benefits to the VA.

New Members Initiation: New members Initiation was not conducted.

Boys State:  A total of 38-40 boys are attending from Madison County.  Sparkman sent several, Bob Jones and James Clemens had several. 

Girls State: Two from Sparkman, two from Bob Jones and two from James Clemens are attending.

New Business

·       We are seeking assistance for the Adjutant, specifically to put together the meeting minutes.

·     Commander Woods would like to have a “Commander’s Ball” and is going investigate further the idea.

Our next meeting will be on June 9th at the IHOP on Highway 72.  Meeting, eat at 6PM and meeting starts at 7PM.  Spouses are invited.

There was an installation ceremony for the new post officers who will take their positions at the June meeting District Commander elect Kevin Walker presided over the ceremony.  The new officers are:

Commander, Carlos Woods
1st Vice, James Vance
Adjutant, Larry Vannoy
2nd Vice, Bill McGahey
Finance Officer, Leondra Kelley
Chaplin, Dewy Cockman
Sgt of Arms, Mike Marcel
Deputy Sgt of Arms, Earl Watts
Judge Advocate, Mario Ventura

Refreshment were served after the installation.

Meeting Adjourned time 8:15 pm.