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Regular Post meetings occur on the second Thursday of each month in Madison, AL. Please contact us for details

June 2016 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

The meeting of American Legion Post 229 was held at the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) and was called to order by Commander Woods. Opening prayer was offered by member Oscar Draper. Legionnaire in attendance were Commander Carlos Woods, Past Commander Carl Dow, 1st Vice James Vance, Adjutant Larry Vannoy, Finance Officer Leondra Kelley, Sgt-of-Arms Mike Marcel, Judge Advocate Mario Ventura, Bill Pettit, Jerry Tepper, Edward Patschek, Oscar Draper, Kevin Walker, Tom McKinney, Donald Rice, Richard Jones, Kenneth Epps, Andy Cox, Yvette Torbert.

Approval of Previous Minutes

Commander asked the meeting attendees if all had the opportunity to review the published meeting and if there were any corrections.  No corrections were recommended and the membership voted to approve the minutes as published.


·       Adjutant:
o   In July we have one new members since last meeting.  June is the last month for 2016 memberships.  Anyone joining in July will get the rest of 2016 plus 2017.  For existing members, they will be getting cards in the mail starting later in June or early July to renew membership.
·       District Commander:
o   District Commander Kevin Walker presented our post the “District Post of the Year” for 2015, our success was attributed to the number of community service projects we do.  Commander walker talked through how protocol works between posts and the Alabama State Headquarters.  He also invited that if we have any questions to feel free to contact him.
·       Finance:
o   Finance Officer Kelley spoke to the great success of the Memorial Day poppy sales; we were very successful in donations.  We also collected over $1,600 to help a needy veteran family pay for funeral expenses and collected over $900 to help with Boy’s State.  The finance
·       North Alabama Veterans Coalition (NAVFOC): Nothing to report.
·    Disabled Veterans (DAV):  Nothing to report

Committees Reports:

·       Americanism Committee:
o   Chairman Tom McKinney talked about the Madison 2016 Law Enforcement Officer and Fire Fighter of the Year.  He has talked to both departments and they are on board with the awards which will be made late summer or early fall based on recommendations from the departments. A motion was made, voted on and approved to set aside $150 for the awards.

·        Membership Committee: 
o   Commander Woods said that we will be making recruitment awards in future meetings. Commander Woods stated that we need to work harder at recruiting younger members in addition to the Vietnam era veterans. We are not getting many Enduring Freedom Veterans to join.

·       Monument Committee:
o   James Vance stated that he is going to meet with Clark Memorial to go over the project including details on the design, how the donation pavers are going to be incorporated into the project, etc.  More details will be provided at the next meeting.  The committee has prepared a draft of the submission that needs to be provided to the City of Madison for next year’s funding.

o   Committee Member Jerry Tepper spoke about setting up an LLC for the post home.  It was agreed that the LLC needs to be established and further conversation and meetings on this subject will be taking place.

·       Fund Raising Committee:  Fundraising was discussed under the Monument Committee report.

Unfinished Business

·       New Members Initiation and Presentations:
o   New member initiations and awards to members are going to be conducted in future meetings.

·       State Conference:
o   The State Conference is being held 16-19 June at the Huntsville Marriott near the Space and Rocket Center.  Training and State elections will be taking place. Post 229 has 8 voting members due to the post size.  Let Commander Woods know if you are interested in attending.

·       Bi-Laws:
o   The Post Bi-Laws need revising; they have been distributed to the post officers for an initial review for changes.

New Business

·       4th of July Booth
o   We are setting up a booth for the 4th of July at Dublin Park, the event starts at 2pm with fireworks at 9 PM.  Adjutant Vannoy will contact the City for a boot space and will send out an email asking for volunteers to man the booth.

·       Madison Street Festival
o   The festival on the first Saturday in October.  A motion was made and seconded to participate and authorized to pay the $100 booth fee.  We will need a chairman and committee for the event and start work on requesting food and drink donations.  The Adjutant will do the registration and set up a meeting with the Madison Street Festival committee.

·       Member Picnic
o   Bill Pettit volunteered to set up a Membership picnic to be held in September.  A date is yet to be established.

·       Veterans Day At The Shooting Range
o   Sergeant of Arms Mike Marcel has volunteered to set a Day where our membership can have lesson on fire arm safety and a day shooting. From a show of hands, there is interest in holding such an event.  Mike will come back next meeting with more details.

·       Vietnam Moving Wall
o   The Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall will be at Fultondale July 6-10th.  The membership is invited to attend.

·       VA Town Hall

    •  The Huntsville VA facility is putting on a Town Hall meeting on the 13th of June at 1pm, 500 Markaview Place, Huntsville.  The members are invited to participate.  If you come, wear your service cap.