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Regular Post meetings occur on the second Thursday of each month in Madison, AL. Please contact us for details

September 2016 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

The meeting of American Legion Post 229 was held at the International House of Pancakes, Hwy 72, Madison starting at 7 PM and was called to order by Commander Woods. Opening prayer was offered by member Chaplain Dewey Cockman. Legionnaire in attendance were Commander Carlos Woods, Adjutant Larry Vannoy, 1st Vice James Vance, 2nd Vice Bill McGahey, Finance Officer Leondra Kelley, Chaplain Dewey Cockman, Judge Advocate Mario Ventura, Sgt-of-Arms Mike Marcel and Earl Watts, Past Commander Hollis Bridges, Andy Cox, David Silvernail, Tom McKinney, Bill Petit, Edward Ptaschek, Trent Bennett, Steven Conway, Joseph Joiner, Richard Berry, Rickey Spears, Reginald Belton, Terrie Belton, Jerry Tepper, Sandra Bush, Leondra Kelley, Edward Durst, and Odri Hastings.

Approval of Previous Minutes

Commander asked the meeting attendees if all had the opportunity to review the 11 Aug 2016 Minutes and if there were any corrections.  There were no corrections.

It was motion for approval by Earl Watts and second by 2nd Vice Bill McGahey. The membership voted and approved minutes as posted.


·       Sick and Shut in:  Commander Woods gave a report on the health of Legionnaires Louis Russo,  Monica Dumont, and Carl Dow who is currently in Valley View assisted living facility room 733.  Commander Woods asked all members to keep them and family’s in their prayers.
·       New members were introduced along with member spouses.

·       Adjutant:
o   Adjutant Larry Vannoy reported that we have 545 of the 227 members renewed so far.  You can renew on line or by mail to our post.  Reminded members that have not renewed yet to do so.

·       Finance:
o   Finance Officer Leondra Kelley gave his financial report on both the Operating and Memorial Funds.   The Monument Fund account has been established; $20K was donated and deposited from the City of Madison, $10K from Madison County.  $700 has been donated for monument pavers.

·       State of the District/County Report:
o    State, Commander Woods.  A meeting planned for 2 October.  Legion is continuing to pushing veteran benefits.  Membership needs to grow to be able to push issues by local, state and national political leaders.  Please work hard to bring in new members.


·       North Alabama Veterans Fraternal Coalition NAVFOC:
o   Bill McGahey attended the 7 Sep meeting at the Madison Senior Center.
o   Veteran Day parade in downtown Huntsville was discussed, we can enter and/or participate in the parade if interested.
o   There is a Veteran’s Day breakfast, emphasis  will be on Blue Star and Gold Star families.  If anyone know of such a family, let Bill know.
o   The Association of the US Army is having a dinner at the Von Braun Civic Center on November 10th.  Commander Woods and Adjutant Vannoy will be attending.

·       Disabled Veterans (DAV):
o   Nothing new to report

Committees Reports:


·       Americanism Committee
o   Chairman, Tom McKinney.   Madison police dept declined participating in Police Officer Of The Year award this year, Commander Wood wants Tom and him to meet with the new mayor to revisit the subject.  Firefighter Of The Year, still trying to make contact with the acting fire chief.

·       Membership Committee: 
o   Membership status was reported during the Adjutant report.

·       Fund Raising Committee:  Fundraising was discussed under the Monument Committee report.

Unfinished Business

·       Monument Update, 1st Vice James Vance,
o   The contract has been signed with Clark LLC.  We still need $15K to complete the monument.  We are selling pavers for $100 and $200.   The price for the benches has been reduced to $2,500 for the first 4 benches (phase 1).  Paver and bench forms were distributed.  Completed forms should sent to our P.O. Box or directly to the Finance Officer Kelly.  Donation receipts will be given to the those donating

·       Initiation of New Members
o   Commander Woods plans on having a ceremony for new members at the next meeting.

·       Bi-Laws:
o   Updates to the post Bi-Laws will be reviewed and hopefully approved at the October membership meeting.

·       Member Picnic
o   A post picnic was planned for September but conflicts in downtown the weekend we wanted has caused us to postpone he event.  A new date has not been established.

·       Madison Street Festival
o   Larry Vannoy stated selling food but emphasis is American Legioin Post awareness and enrolling new members.
o   Trent Bennett presented the plan on selling cupcakes and cinnamon rolls along with drinks.  Budget to purchase supplies was set at $400. idea of selling cupcakes and cinnamon buns at our booth. 
o   Andy Cox presented the membership support needs, an email be going out requesting help.
o   Jerry Tepper is pulling together the membership drive tent.

New Business

·       Guest Speaker, Dr. Travis McDermith, Infinity Chiropractic Service.
o   “Back to Blue” first responder community appreciation event is being held on 24th September, 10am – 4pm.  Free food and games for children.  Inviting our post to come out, have a flag ceremony and set up a booth.   
·       Upcoming events.
o   Veteran’s Day.  We will be putting out flags at the Madison cemeteries and giving away poppies.
o   1st Vice McGahey stated need a work day to look at our flags and wreaths and prepare them for display.  Further details to follow on the schedule.
o   List of calendar events is forthcoming.
·       Commander Woods requested $300 for financial support to support a post member in financial need.  The request was approved by vote of the membership.
·       Color Guard and other committees, we are needing members to sign up to lead and participate in committees.  There are things the post would like to do but need members to take charge.
·       Daughters Of The American Revolution monument dedication event coming up.  Commander Woods and Adjutant Vannoy will be attending.