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November 2016 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

The meeting of American Legion Post 229 was held at the Madison Senior Center, Hwy 72, Madison starting at 7 PM and was called to order by Commander Woods. Opening prayer was offered by member Chaplain Oscar Daper. Legionnaire in attendance were Commander Carlos Woods, Adjutant Larry Vannoy, 1st Vice James Vance, 2nd Vice Bill McGahey, Judge Advocate Mario Ventura, Sgt of Arms Earl Watts, Ricky Spears, Richard Balnton Jr, Tom McKinney, David Silvernail, Edward Durst, Jerry Tepper, Ameena Gordon, Stan Walker (guest), and Boy Scout Troop leaders Bill Rice, Daniel Anderson, and Julie Anderson.

Approval of Previous Minutes

Commander asked the meeting attendees if all had the opportunity to review the 13 Oct 2016 Minutes and if there were any corrections.  There was one correction recommended by Tom McKinney, Americanism Committee Chairman, requested the minutes be corrected to reflect that both the police and fire departments have declined the posts request to participate in fireman and police officer of the year awards.  It is recommended that we forgo this year and make new attempts next year.  With this change the 13 Oct meeting minutes were approved by the members present.


       Sick and Shut in:  Commander Woods gave a report on the health of Legionnaires Bill McGahee had surgery today and is in recovery, Carl Dow has been moved to the Tut Fann Veteran’s nursing home in Huntsville.  Louis Rizzo and Monica Dumont are still recovering from their illnesses.  Commander Woods asked all members to keep them and families in their prayers.

o   Adjutant Larry Vannoy reported that we have 5 new members and 11 renewals since the last report, putting our renewals close to 80%. 
o   The Adjutant report was approved by the attending members.

o   Finance Officer Leondra Kelley was not available.  Commander Woods gave the latest status.  During the poppy give away at two local Walmart stores we received $3400 in donations.  We continue to sell pavers and benches for our new monument.  There are a total of 360 pavers available for purchase as part of phase 1 of the monument replacement.  We are still seeking $15k to fund the completion of the monument.  The desire is to get as many of the members that want to purchase a paver, to do so soon and they will be placed closest to the monument. Pavers cost $100 and $200 each based on size.   We also have two more benches for sale at $2500 for phase 1. 
o   The finance report was approved by the members present.

       State of the District/County Report:
o    State, Commander Woods. The Madison County wide Oratorical Contest is getting ready to start up.  Post 229 will be hosting the event at Madison City Hall and funding the prizes.  Huntsville post 237 will be hosting the awards dinner.

       North Alabama Veterans Fraternal Coalition NAVFOC:
o   No meeting was held this month due to all the Veteran’s day activities this month.  The post had representatives at multiple veteran’s events.  Madison County, having such a large military presence, had many events that we as veterans should consider participating in.
       Disabled Veterans (DAV):
o   Nothing new to report

Committees Reports:

       Americanism Committee
o   Chairman, Tom McKinney reiterated that the City of Madison will not be submitting names for Fire Fighter of the Year nor Police Officer of the Year.

       Membership Committee: 
o   Membership status was reported during the Adjutant report.

       Post Home:
o   We are continuing to seek a post home and the means to fund it.

       Fund Raising Committee: 
o   Fundraising was discussed under the finance committee report.

Unfinished Business

o   The red-lined Post 229 Bylaws were presented to the membership for approval. Judge Advocate Mario Ventura motioned for approval and seconded by Tom McKinney, the membership voted and approved the changes to the bylaws. 

New Business

       Boy Scout Troop 201:
o   Boy Scout Troop 201 Leaders Bill Rice, Julie Anderson and Daniel Anderson gave a presentation on their troop organization and plans, currently meeting at Monrovia Middle School.  The troop is comprised of 20 members and hopes to double in the next 18 months.  Troop 201 has been a very active participant in our post activities including placing flags and wreaths at veteran’s grave sites.  They are seeking a non-profit organization to be a sponsor.  The motion was made by David Silvernail, seconded by Tom McKinney, voted on and approved by the members present.

       Web Site Maintenance
o   Member Cherish Croft has offered help maintain and update the posting on our website.

       Blue Star Survivor Donation
o     A surviving son of an Army officer who died on active duty is requesting funds to participate in National Combine Army All American Bowl in San Antonio for deserving football athletes.  He is a student at James Clemens High School.  The post approved by member vote a donation of $500 to help offset the $2,000 needed to attend.

       Veterans of North Alabama Service Assistance Program Donation
o     This is a service organization that provides household goods for veterans separating from the military and setting up a household.  Jane Dow is President/CEO of the organization and has received a matching grant that will be used to purchase a replacement transportation vehicle.  The post voted on and approved a $300 donation towards matching funds for the grant.

Meeting Adjourned time 8 pm. The next meeting will be on Thursday, 8 December at the IHOP on Highway 72.  Dinner will be at 6 PM and the meeting will start at 7.  Spouses are encouraged to attend.