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August 2017 Meeting Minutes

American Legion Post 229

General Membership Meeting Minutes, 10 Aug 2017



Call to Order

The membership meeting was held at the Masonic Lunar Lodge #918, 740 Eastview Drive, Madison starting at 7pm.  Meeting called to order by Commander Carlos Woods. Prayer was given by Commander Woods.

Legionnaires in attendance were Commander Carlos Woods, Adjutant Larry Vannoy, 1st Vice James Vance, 2nd Vice Earl Watts, Judge Advocate Chris Brown, Sgt of Arms Mike Marcel, Finance Officer Leondara Kelley, members Bill McGahey, Mario Ventura, David Silvernail, Tom McKinney, Andrew Caudle, Lawrence Frakes, James Rogers, Lester Bardard, Richard Blanton Jr, Tommy Whitten, Edward Durst, and Cherish Croft.


Approval of Previous Minutes

The 13 July meeting minutes were reviewed and approved by the members present.  



·       Sick and Shut in:

o   None new identified since last membership meeting.

·       Adjutant:

o   Larry Vannoy reported that we currently have 89 of 227 members renewed for 2018 thus far.  We need to get the remaining members to renew.  It can be done on line through the www.legion.org web site or mailing a check for $45 to American Legion Post 229, P.O. Box 194, Madison AL 35758.

·       Finance:

o   Finance Officer Leondra Kelley presented the current status of our post accounts.   Kelley stated that the final payment on the Veteran's Memorial Park has been made.   The finance report was approved by the members present.

·       State of the District/County Report:

o   The next District 12 meeting will take place at Cullman American Legion Post #4 on 13 August.  Commander Woods will be out of town so Adjutant Vannoy will represent our post and the Madison County.

o   Commander Woods has sent out via e-mail a schedule of Post 229 activities for the rest of the FY.  The calendar is also posted on our web site, www.americanlegionpost229.org

o   We are hosting the district meeting on December 3rd.  Currently we don't have a location identified for the meeting so will be talking to the district commander about our options and come up with a plan.

·       North Alabama Veterans Fraternal Coalition NAVFOC:

o   1st Vice James Vance stated that there wasn't anything new to report, however, we are hosting the next meeting on September 6th at the Madison Senior Center.

·       Disabled Veterans (DAV):

o   Nothing new to report.


Committees Reports:

·       Americanism Committee

o   Legionnaire McKinney stated that the City of Madison has a new police chief, Dave Jernigan as well as a new fire chief, David Bailey. McKinney intends to meet with the chiefs to talk about the American Legion and annual awards we would like to be part of presenting.

·       Monument Committee:

o   The Madison County Commission Chairman, Dale Strong has purchased new flag poles for the Madison Veteran’s Park.  Alabama Flag and Banner will be doing the installation.  Adjutant Larry Vannoy is getting with Commissioner Steve Haraway to see if we can get assistance in the removal of the current flag poles.

o   Kevin Kleinjung and Bill McGahey have been working with the city to get the sprinkler system up and running again.

o   We need to occasionally clean the monument with “Dawn” soap.


·       Membership Committee: 

o Commander Woods stated that he would like us to be at 100% renewal by the end of November and encouraged each member to recruit one new veteran to the post.

o We are looking at starting a Women’s Post Auxiliary.   During this year’s recruiting effort we have found that there may be enough interest in starting the auxiliary.  Contact Commander Woods or 1st Vice Vance for more details.


·       Post Home Committee:

o   Adjutant Vannoy stated that Judge Advocate, Chris Brown and himself met with the city revenue department about ways to generate funds to pay for and operate a post home.

o   Finance officer Kelly, Commander Woods and Adjutant Vannoy visited a possible post home location on Tribble Drive off of Palmer Road.  The facility is 12K square feet and the price is competitive but a lot of work will be required to make it a viable post home.  Issues include, how do you pay for such a facility and its operations and maintenance.  Cost of renovation, etc.


·       Fund Raising Committee: 

o   We continue to sell pavers and benches for the memorial park for those interested.  $500 for 5 pavers was turned in.


Unfinished Business

·       Madison Street Festival:

o   Cherish Croft prepared fruit parfaits for the membership.  It was voted on and approved that parfaits would be sold at the street festival.  Cherish is to provide a cost analysis so we can establish a price for selling them.

o   The $100 booth fee has been paid to the Madison Street Festival Committee.

o   We are going to be seeking assistance for the festival.  Messages to the membership will be sent out in the near future.


   Storage Facility

o   Adjutant Vannoy contacted Decatur Container and they will sell, paint, and deliver a 8’X40’ container for $3,300.  We are trying to work out an arrangement with the Madison Water and Waste Water Board to place the storage container behind their facilities.  Commander Woods stated that we should shoot for getting our equipment out of its current location by the end of September.


   Post Home

o   Vannoy stated that we are still seeking candidate facilities for a post home.  Finance Officer Kelley set up a tour of a 12,000 sq/ft facility on Tribble Drive, the price per sq ft is good but there will be a lot of renovations required.  We need to meet with the city to determine what work will be required for us to get an occupancy permit.  We remain open to look at other possible locations.


New Business

o   The post received a $100 donation from Cato Corporation that will be placed in the Post Building Fund

o   Member Bill McGahey requested $200 to purchase small flags for the Madison Street Festival, the members present voted on and approved the request.

o   Commander Woods would like to work towards a Legion Ball next September.  The membership approved for Woods to move forward in discussions with the Madison County post commanders to hold the ball.



Meeting Adjourned time 8:30 PM.