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June 2018 Meeting Minutes

American Legion Post 229 General Membership Meeting Minutes, 14 June 2018 

Call to Order 
The membership meeting was held at the Masonic Lunar Lodge #918, 740 Eastview Drive, Madison starting at 7pm. Meeting called to order by Commander Carlos Woods. Prayer was given by chaplain elect Andy Caudle.

Legionnaires in attendance were Commander Carlos Woods, Adjutant Larry Vannoy, 2nd Vice Commander Earl Watts, Judge Advocate Chris Brown, Finance Officer Leondra Kelley, Americanism Tom McKinney, Edward Durst, Bill McGahey, Alan Cerny, Andrew Caudle, Brady Rogers, Tommy Whitten, Stacey Harring, Tim Oman, David Silvernail, Mike Marcel, Luis Garcia, Robert Kirby, David Shelly, Roddrick Newby, Donald Rice, Birdie Rice, Post 229 Auxiliary member Kathy Durst, District Commander Kevin Walker.

Approval of Previous Minutes

  • Reading of the 10 May 2018 meeting minutes was conducted and motioned for approval. The membership present voted for approval. 


  • Sick and Shut in: 
    • Lelia Woods is improving after being in a coma for over two weeks. Member Sherwin Calendar has been ill, but is doing much better according to Tom McKinney. 

  • Adjutant: 
    • Adjutant Larry Vannoy stated that the Post was currently at 106.7% for 2018, and that was before he sent in 3 renewals and 1 new member. 

  • Finance: 
    • Finance Officer Leondra Kelley was delayed. No report was presented. Final amounts from Memorial Day will be reported at a later date. 

  • North Alabama Veterans Fraternal Coalition NAVFOC
    • No Report 

  • Disabled Veterans (DAV):
    • Kathy Durst stated that DAV is had elections in June and July meeting has been canceled. Nothing additional to report. 

Committees Reports:

  • Flag Retirement 
    • The post flag retirement ceremony has been postponed. We will set a new date once the next administration takes office. 

  • Boys State 
    • It was reported by Commander Woods that Madison County sent 40+ boys to Boy’s state this past month. Members rode the bus up and back with the boys. 

  • Monument Committee 
    • No change 

  • Americanism Committee 
    • Flags were placed on Memorial Day weekend and picked up the following week at 3 local cemeteries. Raytheon Vets, Boy and Girl Scouts helped placing, which took about an hour. We gained 4 grave sites this year and will probably have more next year. 
    • Commander Woods explained the process on how the grave sites were recorded as an Eagle Scout project in the past and how we track them. 
    • There are 19 Eagle Scouts looking for a project for next year, if you have any ideas let the Boy Scout troop know. 
    • Veteran of the Week sign up – please sign up on the sheet 
    • Veterans only book club at the Madison Library, info on back table.

New Business

  • Request for funding
    • Memorial Day Ceremony 2019 - $251 deposit for tents to be locked in, Motion by Tom Whitten, second by Bill MaGahey. The membership present voted to approve the expenditure.
    • Registration fees for the Madison Street Festival Booth – $200 Motion by Earl Watts second by Bill McGahey. The membership presented a vote to approve the expenditure. They give out grants as well, we will try to recoup the cost with a grant this year. 
    • Close out liability insurance for prior storage area $110 Motion by Alan Cerny, second by Mike Marcel. The membership present voted to approve the expenditure 
  • Participate in 4th of July celebration 
    • Have a booth at Dublin Park on 4th of July to sell pavers and do recruitment. Motion by Tom McKinney, second by Bill McGahey. The membership present voted to approve the expenditure.

  • Delegates for Annual Conference 
    • We have paid $15 a piece for 10 delegates already. Approve that Larry Vannoy and Carlos Woods attend for the post. Stacey Harring cannot attend due to a calendar conflict. Two can be voted to go per our bylaws. No others in attendance wanted to attend. Motion to send Larry Vannoy as the commander voting delegate and Carlos Woods as a delegate by Tom Whitten, second by Earl Watts. The membership presented a vote and was approved. 
    • Buy a paver for $85 for Montgomery war museum at the Annual Conference. Motion by Tom Whitten and second by Mike Marcel, membership presented a vote and was approved. 

  • Incorporating the Post and liability insurance 
    • Insurance quote received was $39/month and coverage is $1M per event, $2M aggregate per year. There are other provisions, but we have to put all the names of the officers and other items on the application form. Therefore asking to spend up to $40 per month for post insurance and for its officers going forward. Bill McGahey motioned and Larry Vannoy seconded, membership was presented the vote and it was approved. 

Awards presentations:

  • Carlos Woods presented certificates of appreciation for his time as commander to: Earl Watts, Ed Durst, Kathy Durst, Mike Marcel, Andrew Caudle (others that were not in attendance will be presented at a later date) 
  • Tom Mckinney was recognized for Americanism 
  • David Silvernail was recognized for work with the Boy Scouts 
  • Richard Blanton was recognized for his work as historian 
  • Eagles were presented to outgoing elected officers 

Induction of Officers for 2019:

  • The induction of officers was lead by District Commander Kevin Walker: 
    • Commander: Larry Vannoy 
    • 1st Vice commander: Earl Watts 
    • 2nd Vice Commander: Tom Whitten 
    • Adjutant: Stacey Harring 
    • Finance Officer: Vacant 
    • Sgt of Arms: Mike Marcel 
    • Judge Advocate: Chris Brown 
    • Chaplain: Andy Caudle 
    • Historian: Richard Blanton 

  • Larry Vannoy presented an Eagle to outgoing commander Carlos Woods. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:27 PM.