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Regular Post meetings occur on the second Thursday of each month in Madison, AL. Please contact us for details

May 2018 Meeting Minutes

American Legion Post 229
General Membership Meeting Minutes, 10 May 2018

Call to Order
  • The membership meeting was held at the Masonic Lunar Lodge #918, 740 Eastview Drive, Madison starting at 7pm.  Meeting called to order by Commander Carlos Woods. Prayer was given by Commander Woods.

  • Legionnaires in attendance were Commander Carlos Woods, 2nd Vice Commander Earl Watts, Judge Advocate Chris Brown, Finance Officer Leondra Kelley, Historian Richard Blanton, Americanism Tom McKinney, Edward Durst, Bill McGahey, Al Cerny, Doug Pruett, Andrew Caudle, Brady Rogers, Tommy Whitten, Stacy Harring, Jean Downs, Parsons Nathan, Mario Ventura, Larry Frakes, Eric Arnold, Matt Mendryga, Tim Oman, David Silvernail, and Post 229 Auxiliary member Kathy Durst.

Approval of Previous Minutes
  • The 12 April 2018 meeting minutes were motioned for approval.  The membership present voted for approval.

  • Sick and Shut in:
    • Lelia Woods has been in the hospital for the last two weeks. She has shown signs of improvement but remains in the hospital. Kevin Kleinjung has been having back problems. Member Sherwin Calander has been ill, Tom McKinney has been assisting and following Sherwin’s path to recovery.
  • Adjutant:
    • The meeting minutes were emailed to the membership earlier in the week. Bill McGahey motioned and Doug Pruitt seconded the motion to approve the minutes. The members presented voted to approve the minutes and drafted. Adjutant Larry Vannoy stated that the Post was currently at 105.6% for 2018. We have until the end of June to reach our goal of 110%.
  • Finance:
    • Finance Officer Leondra Kelley presented the bills, deposits and balances of the operating account, post home account and Veteran’s park maintenance account. The members present approved the finance report.
  • State of the District/County Report:
    • Commander woods reported the our 12th District had elections and he was re-elected as Madison County Commander. Commander Don Pinkerton, of Huntsville Post 237 was elected as our new 12th District Commander.
  •  North Alabama Veterans Fraternal Coalition NAVFOC:
    • Post 229 will be hosted the NAVFOC on 2 May 2017 at 5:30 PM at the Madison Senior Citizen Center. Bill McGahey and Larry Vannoy attended. On July 27th, at Redstone Arsenal there is an annual Korean War Veterans luncheon go to web site: https://www.legacy4koreanwarveterans.org/home for details. On June 9th there is a flag ceremony at the Elks Lodge in Huntsville. The traveling Vietnam Wall That Heals is coming to Huntsville.
  •  Disabled Veterans (DAV):
    • Kathy Durst stated that DAV is having elections in June and July meeting has been canceled. Nothing additional to report.

  • Committees Reports:
  • Americanism Committee
    • Veteran of the Week. McKinney said that several members of the post have signed up with the Madison County Record newspaper to provide articles for “Veteran of the Week”. If you do sign up, please follow through with giving the input. The newspaper has done an outstanding job putting out articles on veteran activities. 
  •  Monument Committee
    • Tommy Whitten sated that Clarke Memorial has installing 14 pavers during the Month of May. If you do not have your paver at the monument please consider submitting an application. We have paver applications at the meetings and the form can also be downloaded from our post website, www.AmericanLegionPost229.org.
  •  Post Home Committee
    • Commander Woods stated that we need to move forward with getting a plan together, so we can start fundraising.

    Unfinished Business
    •  Flag Retirement
      • The post flag retirement ceremony has been postponed. We will set a new date once the next administration takes office.
    • Boys State
      • It was reported by Commander Woods that Madison County is sending 38 high school juniors to Boy’s State in Tuscaloosa, the buss is departing on the 27th of May. Two boys at Bob Jones High School have asked for assistance in paying their attendee fee. A motion was made by Dough Pruitt and Tom McKinney seconded a motion to pay $450 for the attendee fee. The membership present voted to approve the expenditure.
    • Blue Star Banner
      • Three banners, one two star and two one star, are going to be presented at Pine Grove Missionary Baptist Church, 9:30 AM, Sunday, 27 May. The post is invited to attend.
    • Post By-Laws
      • Judge Advocate, Chris Brown explained that he was requested by the commander to investigate incorporating the post. He explained, in order to become incorporated, according to State of Alabama Law, by-laws are required that includes the creation of a board of directors., the need for a Board of directors The draft was sent to the membership 15 days ago for review. Basically the exhibiting post by-laws were modified to list the board of directors to be the officers of the post, nine, and adding a tenth position, the immediately previous post commander, in addition, there were a few other changes, discussed but the judge advocate. Motion to adopt the new by-laws with discussed changes was made by past JA Mario Ventura and seconded by Bill McGahey. The members present voted to approve the new by-laws.
    • Post Nomination of Officers:
      • Nomination of officers were held. Commander Woods stated that he will not be running for a 6th year. Nomination results are as follows:
        • Commander: Larry Vannoy
        • 1st Vice Commander: Earl Watts
        • 2nd Vice Commander: Tom Whitten
        • Adjutant: Stacy Harring
        • Finance Officer: Vacant
        • Sgt of Arms: Mike Marcel
        • Judge Advocate: Chris Brown
        • Chaplain: Andy Caudle
        • Historian: Richard Blanton
        • Note: the nominations are still open. Nominations will be closed right before the vote. If a member is interested in an officer position, notify Judge Advocate Chris Brown, 256-374-1906 or chris@huntsvilleattorneys.com.
    • Memorial Day
      • The annual Memorial Day Ceremony is coming up and a lot of help will be required. The ceremony will start at 11 AM, we will meet at the park and the storage container at 9 AM to start setting up. There are 260 tents to be setup. The guest speaker will be US Army Command Sgt Major James Ross, retired.
      • 26 May, 9 AM, flags will be placed on grave sites in Madison. Those wanting to participate should meet at Madison Memorial Gardens at that time. Flag pickup will be on the 2nd of June.
      • Poppies will be given away on the 26th and 27th of May at the three area Walmart stores from 10am – 6 pm. An email will follow asking members to volunteer. We still need 19 people. The post women’s Auxiliary will be participating with us.

    • Blue Star Banner Program.  Commander Woods is pushing that we reactivate the Blue Star Banner Program. Woods has three members at his church he wants to present banners to on 27 May 2018, time: 9:30 Service, Pine Grove Missionary Baptist Church.

    •  “Wall That Heals”  Bill McGahey, spoke about the traveling ¾ scale Vietnam War Memorial titled “The Wall That Heals”, is coming to Huntsville on the 1-4 November and will remain until at new John Hunt Park in South Huntsville. A lot of veteran support will be required. They are also seeking donations. It is anticipated that it will cost in excess of $70,000 for the visit; organization, corporate and individual donations are desired.
    •  Post Election Of Officers for 2019:
      • The election was run by Commander Carlos Woods since he is not running for a post office:
        • Commander: Larry Vannoy was nominated at the April meeting to be commander. Woods requested additional nominations. Seeing none, Mario Ventura made the motion and Tom McKinney seconded to close nominations, therefore, Larry Vannoy is the new post commander.
        • 1st Vice commander: Earl Watts was nominated at the April meeting to be 1st Vice Commander. Woods requested additional nominations. Seeing none, Doug Pruitt made the motion and Al Al Carney seconded to close nominations, therefore, Earl Watts is the new 1st Vice Commander.
        • 2nd Vice Commander: Tom Whitten was nominated at the April meeting to be 2nd Vice Commander. Woods requested additional nominations. Seeing none, Mario Ventura made the motion and Earl Watts seconded to close nominations, therefore, Tom Whitten is the 2nd Vice Commander. 
        • Adjutant: Stacy Harring was nominated at the April meeting to be Adjutant. Woods requested additional nominations. Seeing none, Earl Watts made the motion and Bill McGahey seconded to close nominations, therefore, Stacy Harring is the new Adjutant.
        • Finance Officer: Vacant, we are still waiting for someone to show interest in the position.
        • Sgt of Arms: Mike Marcel was nominated at the April meeting to be Sgt of Arms. Woods requested additional nominations. Seeing none, Earl Watts made the motion and Doug Pruitt seconded to close nominations, therefore, the Sgt of Arms for 2019 is Mike Marcel.
        • Judge Advocate: Chris Brown was nominated at the April meeting to be Judge Advocate. Woods requested additional nominations. Seeing none, Earl Watts made the motion and Mario Ventura seconded to close nominations, therefore, Chris Brown is the Judge Advocate for 2019.
        • Chaplain: Andy Caudle was nominated at the April meeting to be Chaplain. Woods requested additional nominations. Seeing none, Bill McGahey made the motion and Earl Watts seconded to close nominations, therefore, the new Chaplin is Andy Caudle.
        • Historian: Richard Blanton was nominated at the April meeting to be the post Historian. Woods requested additional nominations. Seeing none, Tom McKinney made the motion and Bill McGahey seconded to close nominations, therefore, the Historian remains Richard Blanton.

    New Business

    • Bills
      • The membership present approved the expenditure of $67 for small flags to be given out at the Memorial Day ceremony.
    • Red, White and Blue Organization
      • Member Stacy Harring stated that on July 7th a “Run For The Fallen” six thousand mile run through 13 states will be coming through Madison County, stopping for the evening at the the Huntsville Veteran’s Memorial Park at approximately 6-7 pm. They are asking for veterans to be present during the arrival. Stacy said that for those interested, on the day of the event, she would contact you on the expected arrival time.
    • American Legion Baseball
      • Vannoy stated that there are now three American Legion baseball teams. He is getting the play schedule and then will ask members to throw in the first pitch of the game. 
    • Madison Street Festival
      • Vannoy stated that The Madison Street Festival will take place on Saturday, 6 October in downtown Madison. The fee for a booth this year is $200, up from $100 last year. The post needs to decide what we want to do and sell this year. We will bring up the motion to pay for a booth at the June membership meeting. 

    The meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.